Bio: I'm an alum and I currently also work at RC. I'm excited about graph theory, public transit, sewing, paper crafts, and card games.

Dynamic Programming

made by ngoldbaum, submitted by alicia
Nathan explains dynamic programming clearly thorough simple examples in this blog post.

Slow Twitter

made by katyilonka, submitted by alicia
Slow Twitter is a chrome extension that forces you to read twitter calmly and with intention. Code here:

Implementing Redux from scratch

made by anushriadhia, nick, submitted by alicia
Anushri and Nick worked together to implement Redux from scratch to learn how it works. They wrote up a very helpful README for anyone else looking to try it themselves.

Flowsheets, an experimental programming environment

made by Glen, submitted by alicia
Flowsheets is a prototype programming environment that lets you see the data your program outputs as you make it.

How to run Elm on FreeBSD

made by dbalan, submitted by alicia
Dhananjay wrote up some clear, helpful instructions on how to run Elm on FreeBSD.

Incarceration in America

made by zstatmanweil, corinfaife, submitted by alicia is an interactive exploration of incarceration data provided by the Vera Institute of Justice. Code:


made by joshuah, submitted by alicia
PANE is an innovative and beautiful way to visualize what's happening while you write code. I especially liked seeing the construction of fractals!


made by squidarth, submitted by alicia
This blog post really clearly explains a fun concept related to probability and expected value.


made by scientiffic, submitted by alicia
This is such a useful and simple tool! Use Stencilfy to write text in any font you like, and turn it into a stencil you can cut out on a laser cutter. Read more about it here: 

NYC parks name game

made by loganw, submitted by alicia
This game is very silly, and most of the NYC park names (real and fake) are totally unbelievable. So far my favorites are "Bar and Grill Park" and "Le Playground" - you'll have to play to find out if they're real or not!