AppSec Cheat Codes

made by Bradley Neumaier, submitted by porterjamesj
A CTF web app that teaches developers security by showing what vulnerable code looks like, how to exploit vulnerabilities, and how to patch them.


made by ckini, submitted by porterjamesj
Okra is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language designed to make scripting easy and maintainable.


made by jeffzh4ng, submitted by porterjamesj
An education collection of data structures and algorithms written in TypeScript.

Cost of Drinking

made by christalee, submitted by porterjamesj
A geographic visualization of the cost of beer, coffee, and bread around the world, using data scraped from a variety of sources. You can see the code here:

Sally's Pasta Palace

made by sillyking, submitted by Mai
A library of pasta shapes visualized in three.js!

End of Life, as it should be

made by nemo, submitted by Mai
This site keeps track of End Of Life dates for various tools and technologies. It collates this data and presents it in an easily accessible format, with URLs that are easy to guess and remember. Code is here:

The command-line GNU awk // Part 01 - The Basics [Learn by Practicing]

made by Matthieu, submitted by nicholasbs
A video introduction to the command line tool awk, with accompanying files and tasks to practice using it yourself.

Midi Matches: Improvisational Piano Duels in the Browser

made and submitted by henrysdev
A MIDI-compatible multiplayer piano web game that allows players to face off on creating short improv piano recordings over backing tracks

Folders: an esolang written in directory structures

made by rottytooth, submitted by Mai
Folders is a programming language that doesn't use any text; programs are encoded into a directory structure. All files within are ignored, as are the names of the folders. Commands and expressions are encoded by the pattern of folders within folders. Gave me a new perspective from which to think about form and content!

Pushing Python toward C speeds with SIMD

made by Lauren Arnett, submitted by davidbalbert
Lauren explores Numba, a vectorizing JIT for Python.