Monty Hall Problem

made by EvanC, submitted by RodEsp
It's a great way to see that the Monty Hall Problem's unintuitive solution is actually correct.

RC Place

made by jobin212, submitted by krithika
It's like r/place but for recursers! Github:


made and submitted by RnkSngh
An moveable and rotatable 3-d Sierpinski pyramid made in Haskell

Hunt the Wumpus: clickable SVG

made and submitted by jmeowmeow
An old text game for hunting in a maze, ported to the browser as a point and click SVG. It's a single SVG+js document. Save it locally, run it offline, it's all there.

Let's Get Creative

made and submitted by bryanbraun
Let’s Get Creative is a collection of high-quality, free, online, creativity tools. The website is intended to be a safe, bookmarkable, creativity resource for kids and adults.

Playing Wordle from the Firefox address bar

made by Nolen Royalty, submitted by yomimono
it's a great playful application and I learned something from the writeup!


made and submitted by rfong
ghostly motion line trace filter for your webcam. simple, performant mass-based motion detection


made and submitted by rfong
body horror kaleidoscope webcam

explorable Bezier curves

made and submitted by rfong
An interactive web page to give you spatial intuition for cubic Bezier curves. (They're everywhere!) Touches a bit on UX considerations for a vector editor.

Illuminated Texts

made and submitted by nbertagnolli
Using Dalle-2 to illustrate classic poems!