made by maiamcc, submitted by porterjamesj
A tool for crossword authors to find symmetrical crossings for their theme clues.

I Spent 11 Years Working on This Line Rider Track

made by davidlu, submitted by sengming
It is the most epic of epic line rider tracks.


made by sengming, submitted by porterjamesj
A Rails engine for accepting payments with Stripe.


made by leviroth, submitted by porterjamesj
An OCaml package for using the Reddit API.

Self Hosting Git9

made by ori, submitted by rachel
Ori built a "a simple, clean implementation of git for Plan 9." Why? "Pride, mostly."


made by dtudury, submitted by porterjamesj
A library for working with discontinuous ranges (e.g. "1-3, 5-7") in JavaScript.

Programming and Forecasting

made and submitted by philosophicalhacker
How I'm improving my ability to properly estimate how long it'll take to complete a programming task.

When should we create abstractions instead of duplication?

made and submitted by philosophicalhacker
Because abstractions aren’t free, sometimes we’re better off duplicating code instead of creating them. Here I consider different views on this trade-off and argue for a new, brier score based approach.

A screencast on deriving Publisher from Swift’s Sequence protocol

made by jasdev, submitted by davidbalbert
Jasdev made a screencast to give you a more intuitive understanding of Apple's Combine framework.


made by its_computers, submitted by porterjamesj
Find out when the next Friday the 13th is! You can see the code here: