WebRTC for the Curious

made and submitted by Sean-Der
WebRTC for the Curious is a book on how WebRTC really works. This about the protocols, and not just the APIs in the browser. The best way you can learn WebRTC is going one level lower. Also contains history from protocol authors themselves.

Party Parrot waves and Collection rotations

made by jasdev, submitted by Mai
How do you get parrot emojis to do the wave? By writing a script in Swift, obviously.

Programming Paradigms as Language Destiny

made by bellmar, submitted by Mai
A fun blog post about programming paradigms and language design. You can also check out Marianne's podcast about writing a programming language here: https://anchor.fm/mwapl.

Ant colony simulation

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by Mai
A simulation of an ant colony with ants scavenging for food sources, written in JavaScript. Check out the code here: https://github.com/fabrizzio-gz/ant_colony_simulation.


made by shahn, submitted by porterjamesj
A command line tool for quickly experimenting with audio programming, written in Haskell.

Ruby Garbage Collection Deep Dive: Generational Garbage Collection

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by Mai
Another installment in Jemma's great series on Ruby's garbage collection.

An opinionated map of incremental and streaming systems

made by jamii, submitted by Mai
An introductory exploration of different approaches to incremental systems, to be analyzed further in future posts.

Maps Are Everything

made by hellerve, submitted by Mai
Can we define absolutely everything as maps? A pilgrimage through some eldritch computation.

Big Tech Detective

made by cybergirlboss, submitted by Mai
Big Tech Detective is a browser extension for Chrome that lets you track tech giants as you browse the web. It works by checking the IP address of every request made by your browser against a database of IP addresses owned by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. Check out the code here: https://github.com/miamiww/Big-Tech-Detective

Building the Game I Want to Play

made by henrysdev, submitted by rachel
Henry talks about how he got the idea for his collaborative improvisational keyboard game, MIDI matches! Game code here: https://github.com/henrysdev/midimatches Game here: https://midimatches.onrender.com/