made by happyspork, submitted by porterjamesj
The source code for an 8-bit computer made out of custom PCBs.


made by lord, submitted by porterjamesj
A library for self-adjusting computations in Rust.


made by GAM, submitted by porterjamesj
A naive integer compressor written in Rust and used as part of this galaxy visualization: https://shreet.surge.sh/


made by theSquashSH, submitted by porterjamesj
Efficiently store very large integers in Python with this library.


made by joshuacortez, submitted by porterjamesj
A word game for your terminal about trying *not* to make words.


made by eaon, submitted by porterjamesj
A Rust parser for lists of email addresses as typically formatted in the "To:", "bcc:", etc. fields of emails.


made by Margo, submitted by porterjamesj
Procedural art based on a doodle. See it run here: http://hackers.cool/~margo/squares.html

Tools to explore BGP

made by bork, submitted by nicholasbs
A (timeline!) post about tools you can use to explore and understand BGP, the protocol at the root of Facebook's recent outage.


made and submitted by manila
A cat clock built in PICO-8

Escher Circuits: Using Vision to Perform Computation

made by rottytooth, submitted by Mai
This blog post explicates a paper proposing a hypothetical, mind-bending concept: images that trick the eye into performing computation.