made by charstiles, submitted by rachel
A great talk from !!con 2020 about all of the cool things you can do with email, including: "maintain a git repo, display html, run your own email server, use a CLI inbox, and make art."

Live Lab

made by ojack, submitted by davidbalbert
A browser-based toolkit for networked art performance.


made and submitted by ertyseidohl
A visual representation of how big a gigabyte actually is. One byte = one pixel.

Belle Absente Bot

made by chloerevery, submitted by porterjamesj
A program for generating Belle Absente poems out of existing works of literature.


made and submitted by ertyseidohl
A javascript array/object access quiz game that I built for a career fair. There's an earlier version that's easier to use for practice (but it's less shiny) at


made by shean-knoppers, submitted by porterjamesj
A Pomodoro timer for your terminal status bar!


made by Michael Arntzenius, submitted by porterjamesj
A research programming language attempting to generalize datalog. You can see the code here:

Alphabet Soup

made by Max Bittker, submitted by rachel
From the GitHub: "Markov magnets, imagine a bowl of alphabet soup but they stick together according to linguistic co-occurrence." See the code here:

Clipboard injection on the Financial Times

made by Andrew Yoon, submitted by rachel
Andrew explores how a website might inject text when you copy and paste something, and shares some thoughts on the ethics of doing that and ways around it.

Learning about babashka, a minimalist Clojure for building CLI tools

made by amontalenti, submitted by nicholasbs
Babashka is a lightweight Clojure interpreter. Because it doesn't rely on the JVM, it starts extremely quickly, making it great for writing command line tools and scripts.