made and submitted by jaqarrick
A self-moving wind chime that responds to data from a weather api. Built using a simple node server that lives on a tiny raspberry pi - the pi connects to an arduino device, which controls a servo motor.

Speed matters

made by jamii, submitted by nicholasbs
A thoughtful case for the benefits of learning how to do things faster.

Low-res webcam processing experiments

made by rfong, submitted by nicholasbs
A collection of experiments with processing webcam video, including ASCII rendering, dithering, and an incredibly cool filter that makes you look like a slinky.

Free Food

made and submitted by noahlevenson
Free Food is a research project to develop an open protocol for decentralized food delivery. It enables host devices to self-organize as a geosearchable p2p restaurant marketplace which requires no coordinating central authority. The project touches a breadth of topics: DHTs, space-filling curves, distributed ledgers, attack-resistant trust metrics, etc.


made by happyspork, submitted by porterjamesj
The source code for an 8-bit computer made out of custom PCBs.


made by lord, submitted by porterjamesj
A library for self-adjusting computations in Rust.


made by GAM, submitted by porterjamesj
A naive integer compressor written in Rust and used as part of this galaxy visualization:


made by theSquashSH, submitted by porterjamesj
Efficiently store very large integers in Python with this library.


made by joshuacortez, submitted by porterjamesj
A word game for your terminal about trying *not* to make words.


made by eaon, submitted by porterjamesj
A Rust parser for lists of email addresses as typically formatted in the "To:", "bcc:", etc. fields of emails.