A few of my favorite sigmoids

made and submitted by Raph
This is an exploration into which sigmoid curves are most suitable for music synthesis. An ideal curve should have a nice clean spectrum, and of course be lightning fast to compute.

Procedural Generation of Squiggly Lines

made and submitted by brindelle
I’ve continued to build on my experiments with two-dimensional generative art using Clojure. Here’s my latest batch of experiments: procedural generation of some squiggly lines. My favorites from this set look sort of like fractal street maps.

Understanding Dijkstra's Algorithm

made and submitted by aos
For those entering the field of computer science, Dijkstra's algorithm is seen as mystical and beyond the understanding of us mere mortals. In this post, I will break it down to its pieces and show its surprisingly simplicity and elegance.

The Well-Sorted Version

made and submitted by pushcx
A Bible containing the complete text of the King James Version, alphabetized, with all structure intact.

Illustrating Group Theory: A Coloring Book

made and submitted by aberke
This is a “coloring book about math” that is both digital and on paper. All of the illustrations are drawn with javascript and algorithms that are open source: https://github.com/aberke/coloring-book This is a playful book. The mathematical concepts it presents show themselves in illustrations that can be colored on paper or animated and regenerated by interacting with them on the web version. Throughout the book there are thought challenges and coloring challenges to further engage the reader in puzzling over the content. The book is about symmetry. It uses group theory as the mathematical foundation to discuss its content while heavily relying on visuals to communicate the concepts. Group theory and other mathematical studies of symmetry are traditionally covered in college level or higher courses. This is unfortunate because these are the most exciting parts of mathematics and they can be introduced with language that is visual, and with words that avoid jargon. Such an introduction is the intention of this “book”.

Flashback to the RC pop up in Berlin

made by piratefsh, submitted by c11z
Coming up on the one year anniversary of the Berlin Pop Up experiment.

Etsy’s experiment with immutable documentation

made and submitted by rule146
A radical new approach to code docs we’re trying at Etsy to combat doc staleness!

Gnossiennes No. 1 Forever

made and submitted by mouse
An infinite version of Erik Satie's Gnossiennes No.1

"It's Just Matrix Multiplication": Notation for Weaving by Lea Albaugh

made by lea, submitted by jollysonali
Lea's talk on weaving notation at Strange Loop 2018 was a fascinating deep dive into the history of weaving, which is also the history of programming!

A collaborative portrait-drawing app

made by gh, davidmahfouda, submitted by alicia
This site makes it easy and quick to draw something that looks nice, regardless of how good of an artist you are. It’s a nice blend of intimate and casual.