A collaborative portrait-drawing app

made by gh, davidmahfouda, submitted by alicia
This site makes it easy and quick to draw something that looks nice, regardless of how good of an artist you are. It’s a nice blend of intimate and casual.

Select Star SQL

made by kao, submitted by sydney
This is a great, thoughtful, free, book-sized resource for learning SQL that lets you run queries on a real dataset.

An AR prototype using RC's logo as the marker

made by Tamrat, submitted by nicholasbs
It's simple, and yet it looks like magic.

Raccoon, a digital wellbeing app made with Electron

made by kkitay, submitted by rachel
I always forget to look up from my computer. Or stretch. Or breathe. This app helps, and this blog post does a great job of explaining how it's built. And come on, look at how adorable the logo is!