Bio: I'm an independent developer working on a music synthesis game. A lot of my focus these days is making Rust a great platform for creative work.

CIE HLC colorspace explorer

made and submitted by Raph
A little interactive explorer for the CIE HLC colorspace, which has been suggested (by the people among others) as colorimetrically sound colorspace that's also well suited for communication.

Xi, a fast, native text editor

made by Raph, cmyr, submitted by davidbalbert
Xi (pronounced "Zigh") is cross platform, but it has a native UI on every operating system that it runs on. Text is rendered on the GPU, so it's blazing fast.

2D Graphics on Modern GPU

made by Raph, submitted by davidbalbert
Original research on implementing a performant 2D imaging model on the GPU.

Phil, a crossword maker

made by Raph, submitted by nicholasbs
My favorite thing about Phil is that incorporates both beautiful and novel ideas in its UI *and* its puzzle-solving engine.

Secrets of smooth Béziers revealed

made and submitted by Raph
An interactive visualization of the space of Euler spiral segments and their optimal conversion to cubic Béziers.

23kbps is possible – an exploration of "high speed" data transfer to an Apple IIe

made by Raph, submitted by nicholasbs
An in-depth exploration and discussion of how to more efficiently transfer data to an Apple IIe via its audio interface.

A few of my favorite sigmoids

made and submitted by Raph
This is an exploration into which sigmoid curves are most suitable for music synthesis. An ideal curve should have a nice clean spectrum, and of course be lightning fast to compute.