MAZE: Solving “the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle” with Python

made by porterjamesj, submitted by nicholasbs
Writing code to solve the puzzle from a classic children's book.

Creating a magical wedding videobooth

made by porterjamesj, submitted by rachel
James and Rachel built an interactive video booth for their friends' wedding (and successfully deployed it during the cocktail hour)! Check out the code here:!/jemily-wedding-photobooth

Advent of Code 2018 day 3 solution in Julia

made and submitted by porterjamesj
This is my solution to day 3 of Advent of Code 2018 ( I was pretty excited about this code, because it maps very cleanly to how I thought about the problem in my head when I sat down to write it. I think it's a great illustration of how nice it can be to solve problems like this in languages with built-in support for multidimensional arrays!