Prototype-based programming in Javascript

made by chun, submitted by strickinato
This is a step-by-step walkthrough of how prototypes work in javascript. It's structured to be both a great learning resource as well as a great reference. The examples are also fun they reveal the underlying structure behind some of javascript's most ludicrous wtf moments.

Matrix Digital Rain in p5.js

made by emilyxxie, submitted by porterjamesj
Emily's creative coding projects are cool enough, what's even cooler is the work she does to share her process and teach others! (like this video)

NYC parks name game

made by loganw, submitted by alicia
This game is very silly, and most of the NYC park names (real and fake) are totally unbelievable. So far my favorites are "Bar and Grill Park" and "Le Playground" - you'll have to play to find out if they're real or not!

New Yorken Poesry

made by coco, submitted by mouse
A poetry magazine by AI, for AI

Oil Dev Log #7: Hollowing Out the Python Interpreter

made by andychu, submitted by porterjamesj
Andy's dedication to his goals for Oil is impressive, and the experimental approach he's taking with it is really interesting.

Set card game solver using computer vision

made by jtgonz, meereeum, piratefsh, submitted by nicholasbs
This code can take a photo of Set cards and tell you all the valid sets among them.

Stealing Ur Feelings

made by noahlevenson, submitted by rachel
Stealing Ur Feelings is a web-based interactive documentary that reveals how Snapchat can use your face to secretly collect data about your emotions. Noah is implementing Constrained Local Models to do emotion recognition. There's already a cool demo! My favorite part of this is that it's currently a work in progress, so you can follow along in the repo as the magic happens.

Python Grab Bag - A set of short plays

made by jasonaowen, brainwane, submitted by alicia
These plays were funny, endearing, educational, and thought-provoking. Theatre is such a neat format to engage with programming!

Interrupt Chat

made by Be, submitted by porterjamesj
At once a brilliant way to explore networking and concurrency, and a thought-provoking meditation on how we communicate online.

ArchiveBox: Your own self-hosted Way-Back Machine!

made and submitted by theSquashSH
Link rot is painful, we've all experienced clicking a previously-working link and getting a 404! Bookmark Archiver imports your browser history, bookmarks, & Pinboard/Pocket links and produces HTML, PDF, PNGs, & more (saved with Chrome Headless).