An All-in-One DAG Toolkit

made and submitted by vaibhavsagar
This algorithm tells you if a given directed graph is acyclic or not and simultaneously puts its vertices into the most convenient order for processing, all in linear time!


made by rcyan, stan, submitted by porterjamesj
It's soothing to watch the colors on the image gradually pour in. You can get a processing sketch that lets you try it with your own image here:

Pico-8 Fantasy Game

made and submitted by aerw
Pico-8 is a game design VM with hard restrictions on resources code length, color palette, etc). This forces tradeoffs that boil down a project to its essence, and in my opinion makes it more fun. The game was my first project with this machine - somehow it was both frustrating and enlivening at the same time.

Oops! OOP Is Not What I Thought

made by Anjana, submitted by heime
Awesome talk on reconciling OOP vs FP

Exploding Git Repositories

made by Kate Murphy, submitted by porterjamesj
This project started out as a fun exploration and ended up with a CVE number!

Detecting beehive activity with computer vision

made by Kai Dalgleish, submitted by porterjamesj
I like it because it's surprising—seeing applications of technology like computer vision outside of what you would usually expect is pretty cool!


made by sleexyz, submitted by porterjamesj
The idea of live-coding music and visualizations is fascinating to me, and Hylogen is a great implementation of it!

made and submitted by natalie
a meditation on memory


made and submitted by tal
Working late on Excel and want a quick(ish) way to make sure you're still looking your best? Excelfie's got you covered.

Zig—a system programming language which prioritizes robustness, optimality, and clarity

made by andrewrk, submitted by hellerve
There are many factors that make Zig beautiful: its structure and ambition, its execution, and the way that the community is working together. I’m excited to see where this project is going!