Functional DevOps in a Dysfunctional World

made by vaibhavsagar, submitted by nicholasbs
An overview of how you can use Nix to build a better deploy process -- one that is automatic, repeatable, idempotent, reversible, and atomic.


made and submitted by vaibhavsagar
A Git-compatible content tracker in Haskell!

An All-in-One DAG Toolkit

made and submitted by vaibhavsagar
This algorithm tells you if a given directed graph is acyclic or not and simultaneously puts its vertices into the most convenient order for processing, all in linear time!

Imperative Haskell

made and submitted by vaibhavsagar
A common misconception about Haskell is that it can only be used for doing functional programming. This is not the case, as Haskell makes a great imperative language as well!