Catacomb WebGL

made by jay, submitted by jollysonali
Catacomb WebGL is a rebuild of Catacomb 3-D from the early 1990's using WebGL. The project was started at RC in 2017.

Ping at the speed of light

made by wesleyac, submitted by nicholasbs
How quickly do packets travel across the Internet?


made by ajordan, submitted by porterjamesj
A static site generator that piggybacks on the existing Gulp ecosystem for transforming files.

Octopus Checkers

made by Alec, submitted by nicholasbs
A game of checkers built in JavaScript with no libraries or external dependencies.

Type Erasure in Scala

made by squidarth, submitted by nicholasbs
An overview of type erasure, generic types, and reflection in Scala.

The Bike Electric

made by alizauf, submitted by porterjamesj
This app uses CitiBike's open data feeds to help you find the electric bike riding experience of your dreams. You can see the code here:


made by Saul, submitted by porterjamesj
Whenever I watch Saul present on VisiData I'm amazed at what a powerful and flexible tool it is.

An introduction to functional programming

made by maryrosecook, submitted by rachel
This is a clear explanation of functional programming concepts using Python and practical examples.

Parson: A PEG parser combinator in Python

made by darius, submitted by nicholasbs
This library includes many excellent examples, ranging from a JSON parser written in only 30 lines of code to a working BASIC interpreter.

Webring 2020: Webrings for the 21st century

made by amy_cheng, submitted by rachel
This is a fun example of productive nostalgia: a way to create webrings in JavaScript!