made and submitted by natalie
an étude in black and white


made by whiteavian, submitted by porterjamesj
This tool takes a "diff" of two SQL databases, and can be used to aid in migrations.

Augimg - Augmentable calendars and wallpapers

made and submitted by Tamrat
Augimg is a series of explorations in finding practical and creative use cases for Augmentable images


made by jay, submitted by jollysonali
A Julia interface to GLFW 3, a multi-platform library for creating windows with OpenGL or OpenGL ES contexts and receiving many kinds of input.

Mapping the whole internet with Hilbert curves

made by Benjojo, submitted by nicholasbs
Ben sent 3.7 billion packets to effectively all of the reachable internet, and then visualized the results.

Catacomb WebGL

made by jay, submitted by jollysonali
Catacomb WebGL is a rebuild of Catacomb 3-D from the early 1990's using WebGL. The project was started at RC in 2017.

Ping at the speed of light

made by wesleyac, submitted by nicholasbs
How quickly do packets travel across the Internet?


made by ajordan, submitted by porterjamesj
A static site generator that piggybacks on the existing Gulp ecosystem for transforming files.

Octopus Checkers

made by Alec, submitted by nicholasbs
A game of checkers built in JavaScript with no libraries or external dependencies.

Type Erasure in Scala

made by squidarth, submitted by nicholasbs
An overview of type erasure, generic types, and reflection in Scala.