made and submitted by ertyseidohl
A visual representation of how big a gigabyte actually is. One byte = one pixel.

Belle Absente Bot

made by chloerevery, submitted by porterjamesj
A program for generating Belle Absente poems out of existing works of literature.


made and submitted by ertyseidohl
A javascript array/object access quiz game that I built for a career fair. There's an earlier version that's easier to use for practice (but it's less shiny) at


made by shean-knoppers, submitted by porterjamesj
A Pomodoro timer for your terminal status bar!


made by Michael Arntzenius, submitted by porterjamesj
A research programming language attempting to generalize datalog. You can see the code here:

Alphabet Soup

made by Max Bittker, submitted by rachel
From the GitHub: "Markov magnets, imagine a bowl of alphabet soup but they stick together according to linguistic co-occurrence." See the code here:

Clipboard injection on the Financial Times

made by Andrew Yoon, submitted by rachel
Andrew explores how a website might inject text when you copy and paste something, and shares some thoughts on the ethics of doing that and ways around it.

Learning about babashka, a minimalist Clojure for building CLI tools

made by amontalenti, submitted by nicholasbs
Babashka is a lightweight Clojure interpreter. Because it doesn't rely on the JVM, it starts extremely quickly, making it great for writing command line tools and scripts.

Love Bomb

made by ertyseidohl, EvanC, submitted by porterjamesj
A browser game drawn only with emoji! You can see the source code here:

Zig Self-Hosted Compiler Demo

made by andrewrk, submitted by davidbalbert
Andrew is building a self-hosted compiler for his programming language, Zig.