Advice bot

made and submitted by krithika
Recursers can subscribe to the "Advice of the Day!" bot to get one piece of advice from an RC alum everyday. You can submit advice at Github:

Unit circle

made and submitted by krithika
An explainer to go along with the definitions of basic trigonometric concepts, sine and cosine, with a unit circle, using p5.js.

RC postcard

made by krithika, miccah, jobin212, submitted by krithika
Because I can send real postcard to RC and other recursers! Github:

Hyperbolic Tilings

made by lbz, submitted by carolinegrand
It reminds me of a kaleidoscope!


made and submitted by Andrew Yoon
Neoscore is a python library for notating music in a graphics-first paradigm, allowing it to go far beyond the rules of traditional notation. This project was originally started at RC's Fall 2, 2016 batch, and recently revived and released!

Sliderland: creative coding tool with 64 sliders

made and submitted by blinry
Inspired by and Checkboxland! Write a JavaScript function to control the sliders and see what animations you can make!

Why Kademlia uses XOR as a distance metric

made by rfong, submitted by Mai
This blog post is a cool explainer of one approach to distributed hash tables.


made by Fenimore, submitted by porterjamesj
A book tracking Android app designed to replace Goodreads. It saves your data locally on your phone.

shite: the little static site generator from shell

made and submitted by adityaathalye
This is baaasically what it does... cat ${body_content_file} | ${content_proc_fn} | shite_build_page | ${html_formatter_fn} | tee "${shite_global_data[publish_dir]}/${html_output_file_name}"


made by reconbot, submitted by porterjamesj
A library of functional streaming iterable utilities for JavaScript.