Sliderland: creative coding tool with 64 sliders

made and submitted by blinry
Inspired by and Checkboxland! Write a JavaScript function to control the sliders and see what animations you can make!

Why Kademlia uses XOR as a distance metric

made by rfong, submitted by Mai
This blog post is a cool explainer of one approach to distributed hash tables.


made by Fenimore, submitted by porterjamesj
A book tracking Android app designed to replace Goodreads. It saves your data locally on your phone.

shite: the little static site generator from shell

made and submitted by adityaathalye
This is baaasically what it does... cat ${body_content_file} | ${content_proc_fn} | shite_build_page | ${html_formatter_fn} | tee "${shite_global_data[publish_dir]}/${html_output_file_name}"


made by reconbot, submitted by porterjamesj
A library of functional streaming iterable utilities for JavaScript.


made by brianhicks, submitted by porterjamesj
A CSV decoding library for Elm, written in the most boring way possible.


made by scttdavs, submitted by porterjamesj
A radix-trie library for efficient fuzzy string search in JavaScript.

A Formal Theory of Spaghetti Code

made by nickdrozd, submitted by Mai
This blog post attempts to define spaghetti-ness in order to formally test the hypothesis that spaghetti code is the way to maximize runtime in Busy Beaver programs.


made by amedee, submitted by porterjamesj
A Rust library implementing a "GADDAG", a data structure designed specifically for Scrabble AIs. It enables you to find all words that contain a substring, (for example, "PLAIN" -> "EXPLAINING")


made by miccah, submitted by porterjamesj
An interpreter for easily defining and sending HTTP requests in multiple environments, written in Rust.