Similar Sort

made by brianhicks, submitted by porterjamesj
A small program to improve "fuzzy find" search in text editors.

Roots of Two, Powers of Three

made by talyian, submitted by porterjamesj
An exploration of why musical scales are constructed the way they are. Source:

Are source files serially correlated?

made by philosophicalhacker, submitted by nicholasbs
A fascinating analysis of whether or not diffs in a large repository are serially correlated across months and quarters.


made by softboileddetective, chibi, submitted by chibi
opinionated and generated chord progressions! (chrome / firefox only, not mobile friendly)

German sentiment lexicon

made by Jana, submitted by porterjamesj
A German lexicon with words associated with love, fear, joy, disgust, surprise, contempt and anger.

Let's Build Lenses in Carp

made by hellerve, submitted by rachel
A two-part video series on building a lens library and extending it to support prisms in the Carp programming language! (This is the second post in the series, and links back to the first.)

Writing GitHub Secrets to a Repository You Don't Own

made by vaibhavsagar, submitted by nicholasbs
A step-by-step guide for programmatically creating and retrieving secrets using the GitHub Actions API.

Rich History

made and submitted by shean-knoppers
Colorful and interactive directory/command history for zsh.

What port numbers do programmers like to use?

made by rolandcrosby, submitted by nicholasbs
Roland scraped repositories on GitHub for references to "localhost:n", and then made an interactive visualization to show which port numbers are most popular!


made by sarabee, submitted by Mai
Ugh, gender! But you can't learn Spanish or German or Hebrew or any number of other languages without it. Genderizer highlights grammatically gendered nouns in different colors to help you out.