Sliderland: creative coding tool with 64 sliders

made and submitted by blinry
Inspired by and Checkboxland! Write a JavaScript function to control the sliders and see what animations you can make!

A game to learn Git

made by blinry, submitted by Mai
An interactive Git learning game & visualization where you play as a time agent solving temporal paradoxes, built by blinry and bleeptrack with the help of the Godot game engine.

The Glitch Gallery

made and submitted by blinry
The Glitch Gallery is an online exhibition of pretty software bugs! It's a museum of accidental art, an enthusiastic embrace of mistakes, a celebration of emergent beauty. Open for your submissions!

Wikidata Card Game Generator

made by blinry, submitted by Mai
Generate your own card game based on any topic using Wikidata! It works by fetching instances of arbitrary subclasses of the topic, finding the properties that occur most often, and selecting the 32 cards which have as many of these as possible filled in. Made by blinry and bleeptrack.


made by Winston, blinry, submitted by Winston
Listen to the Mandelbrot set! We remotely paired (New York / Germany) and found Glitch as a great platform to do so!


made by blinry, submitted by vaibhavsagar
A tool that visualizes the internal structure of a Git repository in real-time. With snakes!


made and submitted by blinry
An open source project for creating visual timelines, which show you the structure of a video at a glance, by visualizing its color development. Comes with a YouTube plugin!


made and submitted by blinry
An esoteric programming language where programs are defined by the graph of commits in a Git repository.