pokemon2pokemon: Using Neural Networks to Generate Pokemon as Different Elemental Types

made and submitted by rileywong
Training a neural network to "translate" Pokemon into different elemental types!

How to Build a Keyboard, Part 1

made by alessia, submitted by porterjamesj
Alessia builds her own ortholinear keyboard!

Exploring Natural Language Processing with Alice in Wonderland

made by Valerie, submitted by porterjamesj
This post explains how Valerie used NLP techniques in Python to identify invented words in texts (e.g. Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky").

What's in a repository?

made by ngoldbaum, submitted by nicholasbs
The first in a series of posts exploring the innards of Mercurial, and how it stores repository data.

Implementing Redux from scratch

made by nick, anushriadhia, submitted by alicia
Anushri and Nick worked together to implement Redux from scratch to learn how it works. They wrote up a very helpful README for anyone else looking to try it themselves.

Flowsheets, an experimental programming environment

made by Glen, submitted by alicia
Flowsheets is a prototype programming environment that lets you see the data your program outputs as you make it.

The speed of BGP network propagation

made by Benjojo, submitted by nicholasbs
An analysis of Border Gateway Protocol propagation and drift.

How a File Format Led to a Crossword Scandal

made by Saul, anjakefala, submitted by nicholasbs
Saul designed a plaintext file format for crossword puzzles and a data pipeline to compile a dataset of over 70,000 puzzles. This talk is an overview of how they did this and discovered a large-scale plagiarism scandal.

Multi-language crackle pop

made and submitted by xuuso
The popular crackle pop program implemented in two languages but one single file. Useless & funny!

Draw the Docs

made and submitted by mamrotynka
A talk about the joy of drawing, diagramming, and documentation workflows