Self-Directed Pandas Crash Course

made and submitted by kellyfoulk
Want to learn pandas, but don't know where to start? That was my position about a week ago. In this post, I'll explain how I structured my learning process during my one week 'crash course.' By no means am I an expert now, but I feel confident to say I can accomplish essential data cleaning and visualization tasks.


made by lpm, submitted by porterjamesj
Use Asana without leaving Emacs!


made by jaqarrick, submitted by porterjamesj
A simple but powerful drum sequencer using React and WebAudio! You can see the code here:

Scaling faders

made by rileyjshaw, submitted by porterjamesj
Audio faders that automatically balance themselves for a perfect mix! You can see the code here:

Wave Slicer

made by jaqarrick, submitted by porterjamesj
A simple web-based audio sampler with a really nice design! You can try it out here:

Bagatto: a transparent, extensible static site generator

made and submitted by zdsmith
Inspired by, I built my own hopefully-non-shitty SSG. It lets you write websites using Janet, a delightful and effective Lisp.

Developing a Flask Blog

made and submitted by kellyfoulk
Learn how I started with a blank text editor and created a blog from the ground up with the help of python's Flask framework. It had always been a dream of mine to create a blog from scratch versus using a Wordpress here it finally is. Complete with a backend that is my humble attempt at integrating the functionality of both Wordpress and MailChimp.

Monkey Islang

made and submitted by cthulahoops
A programming language based on the experience of old point and click adventures - specifically Monkey Island. Program by combining random objects together and seeing what happens.

Integrating with a REST API using React Query + Next.js (with TypeScript & Tailwind CSS)

made by zaiste, submitted by rachel
Jakub gives a clear, helpful walkthrough of integrating an application with an API!

Git stash doesn't have to be scary

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
A quick and interactive intro to using `git stash`.