The Taming of the Clue

made by chloerevery, submitted by rachel
Chloe taught a 1980s pen plotter to solve crossword puzzles, and gave a great talk about it at !!Con 2020.


made by toddwords, submitted by porterjamesj
A browser extension for doing live performances in the audiences' browsers!

Raise your hand on video calls

made by AMozeak, submitted by rachel
A UI for video chats that displays the participants on a call and allows them to raise/lower their hands. There's a detailed walkthrough of how to implement it here:

Street view of New York in the 80s

made by bdon, submitted by nicholasbs
Browse images on a map of New York's streets in the 1980s! Source:

Chano Memes

made by jeancochrane, submitted by Mai
A Twitter propaganda bot that reads @mentions and automatically generates memes about Chance the Rapper running for mayor of Chicago.


made by Kalli, submitted by porterjamesj
A browser extension that turns a website into an "attention map" by highlighting attention-hungry elements like buttons and forms.

Skynet Simulator

made by edisgreat, submitted by nicholasbs
Seems harmless... (Source here if you want to confirm for yourself:


made by Toma Morris, submitted by porterjamesj
A distributed key-value store using Raft for consistency.

Rusty Goban

made by cthulahoops, dylanjw, submitted by rachel
Play Go online with friends with this Rust-powered goban. Check out the code here:


made by mouse, submitted by Mai
A script that causes text to decay by converting a text file to an image, then OCRing the image back to a text file. Doesn't only work on Ozymandias, but does work on Ozymandias... on multiple levels.