ok - JavaScript implementation of K programming language

made by John Earnest, submitted by porterjamesj
An interpreter for the K array programming language written in JavaScript, with an in-browser REPL.


made by clarete, submitted by porterjamesj
A Jinja-inspired template language for Emacs

Virtual Keyboard

made by joshuamguillen, submitted by porterjamesj
An in-browser keyboard, inspired by the Yamaha Pianica.


made by Sol Sarratea, submitted by porterjamesj
A character-based environment for livecoding cellular automata.


made by geoffreylitt, submitted by porterjamesj
A simple recommendation engine for Ruby on Rails. Read this blog post for more on the inspiration behind the project: https://www.geoffreylitt.com/2017/03/19/building-a-rails-recommendation-engine.html

num2math: a mathematical expression generator

made by enjeck, submitted by Mai
Do you want to say '1' as inscrutably as possible? This web app will generate a complicated mathematical expression for the integer of your choice. Check out the code here: https://github.com/enjeck/num2math.

In-browser tongue interaction

made by woodbury, submitted by Mai
Using client-side JavaScript and a user’s webcam, this game is a proof-of-concept of a hardware-independent approach to tongue-computer interaction. Read more about it here: https://woodburyshortridge.github.io/tongue-comp-interface.

Reverse 1987 DOS game data files for fun and no profit

made and submitted by yomimono
A short description of reverse-engineering the puzzle solutions data file for the 1987 DOS "Wheel of Fortune" game, with OCaml parser and printer examples.

Visual Playground

made and submitted by ilithya
A glitchy experimental interactive experience built with machine learning (body tracking) and real-time shaders. Move your arms, head and knees to interact with the visuals and mutate them.

A Cursed Bug

made by nelhage, submitted by Mai
What makes a bug cursed? A blog post about tracking down a particularly satisfying one.