How Does Lossless Compression in Fuji RAF Files work?

made by fabian, submitted by rachel
Fabian explores -- in great detail -- an interesting rabbit hole he found while learning about digital photography: how the compression algorithm Fuji uses for its RAW files works.

Fashion Recognizer

made by cjiang, submitted by Mai
You know style when you see it, but can a computer? This project explores the use of convolutional neural nets for image classification of 10 different types of clothing and accessories.

Happy Points

made by Aiyana, submitted by Mai
The traditional sticker system is now an app, thanks to a newly home schooling family.

Experimental Blockchain Engine for HashiCorp Vault

made and submitted by d10
I had been meaning to learn more about Vault for a while, so I built an integration with Algorand, which I was already familar with. Both of those are open souce projects, and my plugin is open source at .


made by marenbeam, submitted by Mai
Want to tweet but, like, not on Twitter? This shell script's got you.


made by anu, submitted by Mai
Teaching an AI to solve a maze using q-learning!


made by Elad Bogomolny, submitted by rachel
Codio is an open source media format for developers to record and playback the process of programming in VSCode. It combines code editor operations and audio, and allows you to interact with the code at any point during playback!

Idris Algebra

made by nickdrozd, submitted by nicholasbs
A series of increasingly complicated algebraic proofs with clear definitions, implemented in Idris, a purely functional programming language.


made by milesmcc, submitted by porterjamesj
A minimal self-hosted, privacy-respecting web analytics tool. For when you want to know how people use your website but don't want to track all their personal data!

made by shean-knoppers, submitted by Mai
A programmatically generated photography archive that turns an s3 bucket into a fast-loading static page where you can preview and download high-res images. See the code here: