Dear Stranger

made by dangorelick, submitted by davidbalbert
Paint with light. Source:!/dear-stranger


made by jennyx, submitted by porterjamesj
A browser extension that lets you see the actual rent prices for NYC apartments on Streeteasy, instead of the "promotional" prices they're often advertised with.

Notes from Dynamicland: programming Raspberry Pis

made by osnr, submitted by davidbalbert
A blog post about using Raspberry Pis to disaggregate computing power at Dynamicland.

The Immersive Web in 2019

made and submitted by cwervo
I gave a talk at JSConf Hawai'i about the "The Immersive Web" in 2019.

Hamilton the musical data visualization

made by Alec, submitted by nicholasbs
An interactive visualization of the chronology of historical events in relation to the songs in the Broadway musical Hamilton, along with other visualizations, including character co-occurrence.

Mojulo: Interactive pixel art from math

made by Max Bittker, submitted by nicholasbs
You can generate beautiful visuals with remarkably simple equations. Source:

Microbial Strain Navigator

made by robinovitch61, submitted by rachel
Navigate and edit microbial strains, plasmids, and genes with a Flask web UI and MySQL database.


made by noahlevenson, submitted by porterjamesj
Fast face detection in the browser using WebAssembly.

Pizza Truck Simulator

made by charlietran, submitted by rachel
The creators say this is a pizza truck simulation "painstakingly recreated from our own experiences with pizza and trucks." Become the pizza entrepreneur you've always dreamed of becoming here:

The Haar-like show

made by noahlevenson, submitted by porterjamesj
A slowed-down visualization of computing Haar-like features for face detection algorithms.