made by jasonaowen, submitted by porterjamesj
A simple Python program for checking if a GPG key will expire soon, suitable for use in automation and scripting.

JWTs done right: Quebec's proof of vaccination

made by Mikkel, submitted by porterjamesj
Mikkel reverse-engineers Quebec's QR-code based proof-of-vaccination system, to find it surprisingly good from a privacy perspective. You can see the code here:

Bubo Reader

made by georgemandis, submitted by porterjamesj
A minimalist, static-site RSS reader that's easy to deploy your own instance of.

Hanzi Writer

made by chanind, submitted by porterjamesj
An open-source JavaScript library for creating animations and practice quizzes of Chinese character stroke order.


made by Glen, submitted by porterjamesj
An easy-to-use fuzzy string matching library for JavaScript.

One of these JPEGs is not like the other

made by Benjojo, submitted by nicholasbs
Ben's effort to decode a JPEG for a project leads to a deep deep and exploration of why JPEG isn't just "one" format, hardware decoders, and even a patch to improve Go's image/jpeg library!


made by trellick, submitted by porterjamesj
A prototype web-based terminal that explores how command lines could be more helpful and interactive.

Gen Art with Conway's Game of Life

made and submitted by ilithya
I was introduced here to Conway’s Game of Life and ended up in a rabbit hole, making a little tool for generative art with cellular automation based on the game rules. It has color and shape choices, dark/light and grid modes. It's responsive. One can type an emoji choice, or character for that ASCII look of the cells 😎

Fretboard Diagram Generator

made by jacobdgm, submitted by porterjamesj
A Python program to generate fretboard diagrams for fretted string instruments.

made by mclare, submitted by Ryan Prior
Amid years of ongoing discussion about infrastructure spending, Maryanne Wachter published this accessible interactive analysis of public data that surfaces relevant local information about the bridges we rely upon. You can see the code here: