Challenge: Write a bouncy window manager

made by bork, submitted by porterjamesj
The story of writing a humorous window manager that bounces windows around the screen.

Writing userspace USB drivers for abandoned devices

made by Benjojo, submitted by rachel
A blog post about reverse engineering a no longer supported VGA capture device to make it run on newer versions of Linux.

5 ways to calculate the Nth number in the Fibonacci Sequence

made by robinovitch61, submitted by rachel
Five ways to find numbers in a Fibonacci sequence using recursion, memoization, tabulation, iteration, and VM Code!


made by mat, submitted by porterjamesj
A high-performance encoder for the yEnc binary-to-text encoding format, built to learn about ARM64 assembly programming.

Raymarching Tutorial

made by charstiles, submitted by porterjamesj
A tutorial with example code about how to implement the raymarching algorithm for rendering 3D scenes using GLSL shaders.


made by ben linsay, submitted by porterjamesj
A DNS over HTTPS client written in Go.

MAZE: Solving “the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle” with Python

made by porterjamesj, submitted by nicholasbs
Writing code to solve the puzzle from a classic children's book.

CARL (Code Augmented Reality Live)

made by charstiles, catilac, submitted by zachkrall
CARL stands for Code Augmented Reality Live. In an algorave (algorithmic rave), a programmer/performer codes a 3D environment on the fly using a raymarching algorithm in GLSL; that shader code is also executing and updating on everyone's phone in real time. Using phone orientation and audio input, CARL is a window into an immersive and evolving 3D algorithmic world that dances to the music. You can read more about CARL here:

Natural Language Processing: can a computer solve SAT analogy questions?

made by michelle, submitted by nicholasbs
An exploration of how to use natural language processing to answer SAT-style analogy questions.


made by osnr, submitted by davidbalbert
A live coding environment for making Game Boy games. Edits to the code are hot-swapped into the running game. Source: