Curse Notice

made by jimkang, submitted by Mai
A web app for making message images in the style of the dialogue that appears in Castlevania 2. Check out the code here:

Mellow Bike Map

made by jeancochrane, submitted by porterjamesj
A map and routing tool for finding bike rides on quiet side streets!


made by jasonaowen, submitted by porterjamesj
A simple Python program for checking if a GPG key will expire soon, suitable for use in automation and scripting.

JWTs done right: Quebec's proof of vaccination

made by Mikkel, submitted by porterjamesj
Mikkel reverse-engineers Quebec's QR-code based proof-of-vaccination system, to find it surprisingly good from a privacy perspective. You can see the code here:

Bubo Reader

made by georgemandis, submitted by porterjamesj
A minimalist, static-site RSS reader that's easy to deploy your own instance of.

Hanzi Writer

made by chanind, submitted by porterjamesj
An open-source JavaScript library for creating animations and practice quizzes of Chinese character stroke order.


made by Glen, submitted by porterjamesj
An easy-to-use fuzzy string matching library for JavaScript.

One of these JPEGs is not like the other

made by Benjojo, submitted by nicholasbs
Ben's effort to decode a JPEG for a project leads to a deep deep and exploration of why JPEG isn't just "one" format, hardware decoders, and even a patch to improve Go's image/jpeg library!


made by trellick, submitted by porterjamesj
A prototype web-based terminal that explores how command lines could be more helpful and interactive.

Gen Art with Conway's Game of Life

made and submitted by ilithya
I was introduced here to Conway’s Game of Life and ended up in a rabbit hole, making a little tool for generative art with cellular automation based on the game rules. It has color and shape choices, dark/light and grid modes. It's responsive. One can type an emoji choice, or character for that ASCII look of the cells 😎