Setting up Syncthing to synchronise files between computers

made by James Routley, submitted by nicholasbs
A walkthrough for using Syncthing (on macOS and Ubuntu), an open source, secure, and decentralized tool for Dropbox-like folder synchronization.

Deep Fake Birdsong

made and submitted by aquietlife
Deep Fake Birdsong "combines art with science to inquire about the electrical nature of lifeforms and to push the envelope of artificial intelligence" by using a bird vocalization classifier to identify audio generated from an electronic bird sculpture.

Etymology Explorer

made by Kaley, submitted by Mai
This program lets you explore etymology by visualizing phonetic and semantic connections between words. Inspired by Gabor Ugray’s talk on Chinese characters at !!con.


made by souren, v3rse, submitted by souren
Tile based puzzle game made on PICO-8 during a Recurse Center game jam!


made by filippo, submitted by nemo
A super-simple agent for using your YubiKey as your ssh-agent.

Start a meeting quickly from the comfort of your command line.

made by Where_is_X, Ryan Prior, submitted by nicholasbs
A command line tool to start a Jitsi meeting quickly. It creates a meeting with a secure ID and prints the meeting URL to stdout. It can style, open, copy, and send the URL for your convenience. No registration required, no data collected.

Archimedes' Cattle Problem

made by its_computers, submitted by davidbalbert
A blog post about Archimedes' cattle problem. A choice sentence: "Around 2300 years ago, Archimedes developed a "BigInteger" scheme."

Dust, Dust

made by Meghna, submitted by nicholasbs
An adventure game with beautiful and inventive sound and graphics. Source:

Just: How I Organize Large Rust Programs

made by rodarmor, submitted by nicholasbs
A detailed walkthrough and explanation of how the code for a large Rust program is organized.

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

made by jjst, submitted by Mai
An extra-dimensional tic tac toe game written in Elm, with networked multiplayer support.