made by zachkrall, submitted by turniplan
It's a pretty cool command-line tool for those who like to use p5.js to create web-based algorithmic sketches. By declaring a file path and the number of images you need, p5snap grabs screenshots from your p5 canvas and saves them!

Language server for Flix

made by anthonyabeo, submitted by porterjamesj
A language server protocol and VSCode extension for the research programming language Flix (https://flix.dev).

"Feed me, Seymour!": getting a plant to tweet

made by sarabee, submitted by Mai
Sara used a soil sensor and an arduino to help her monstera get on Twitter. Will it become an influencer? Stay tuned...


made by rfong, submitted by porterjamesj
A Chrome extension for doing generic string replacements on webpages, like that "Millennials to Snake People" extension that was popular a while back.

Mary livecodes a drum machine

made by maryrosecook, submitted by davidbalbert
A video of Mary livecoding a drum machine. You can also run the code live, and read the annotated source.

Scotty, a WebSocket-enabled PDF viewer

made by jtanadi, submitted by rachel
Scotty is a PDF viewer that allows multiple clients to look at and browse through a document together in real time. Check out the app here: https://raa-scotty.herokuapp.com/

Make Your Own Period Tracker

made by alizauf, submitted by nicholasbs
Aliza wanted to own her own data, so she built her own period tracker using a spreadsheet. This post walks you through how you can do this, too.


made by Brian Abelson, submitted by dylnuge
emptytra.in is an art project featuring a live feed of the JMZ train in New York City at a busy intersection. In the words of the creator, it "provides ongoing, anonymized documentation of the pandemic as manifested through the quieting city."


made by rowan, submitted by porterjamesj
A template for making your own maps for the board game Ticket to Ride!


made by milesmcc, submitted by porterjamesj
An atomic web design toolkit, intended to be less one-size-fits all than things like Bootstrap.