Sally's Pasta Palace

made by sillyking, submitted by christalee
Parametric equations, pasta, and threejs! Shapes chosen by pairing with fellow Recursers! The best sort of communal whimsy.

Running bash commands with git alias

made by gnclmorais, submitted by nicholasbs
A quick tip for adding some very useful Git aliases!

react html5 zoom/pan canvas

made by robinovitch61, submitted by porterjamesj
A quick template for making pannable/zoomable Canvas-based apps with React.

Treemap Generator

made by tarokuriyama, submitted by porterjamesj
A random treemap generator with adjustable parameters written in Elm. You can see the code here: and a writeup here:

Programming in Z3 by learning to think like a compiler

made by bellmar, submitted by Mai
A nice intro to Z3 and SMT solvers in general.

Star Battle Puzzle Party

made by rachelehrlich, petermalmgren, mayajosyula, leanalee, Jake Donham, must-compute, DanMurphy, ckini, Jessyjones, Aaryan Porwal, submitted by Jake Donham
Multi-player Star Battle puzzle made by multiple players! Uses React, SVG, and

Introducing the Moon Clock

made by niftynei, submitted by Mai
The moon clock is a physical timepiece that displays what the moon looks like for your current location. It uses an LED matrix, a RaspberryPi, and a whole bunch of computational astronomy!

Is It Finished?

made by Danny Manesh, submitted by porterjamesj
A game where you have to push enter as close to the end of the animation as possible. Endearingly frustrating. See the code here:!/are-we-done-yet?path=script.js%3A1%3A0

The case of the curiously slow shader

made by Raph, submitted by davidbalbert
Raph investigates an issue with a slow shader, which ends up being caused by the shader compiler being overly conservative about cache coherency.


made by Justin Reppert, submitted by porterjamesj
A tool for finding royalty free musing by "sonic similarity" using Tensorflow.js. The results are surprisingly close, try it with a song you like!