How to run Electron on Linux on Docker on Mac

made by Jake Donham, submitted by davidbalbert
Jake succeeded at running an Electron app from within a Docker container. This blog post perfectly captures the process of continuing to solve the next problem you run into until your software works.

How Materialize and other databases optimize SQL subqueries

made by jamii, submitted by Mai
A great blog post about taking advantage of SQL's subqueries feature without sacrificing performance.


made by ruijiefang, submitted by porterjamesj
A symbolic differentiator in OCaml.

My Little Parser

made by Sam, submitted by rachel
Sam talks about what he learned writing a syntax analyzer for the programming language Jack (a Java variant)! Code here:

Clone of a musical GUI with melodic infilling

made and submitted by jlpiedra
I worked backwards from coucou, a GUI for ML-based melody harmonizing: and replaced the pre-trained model with a simple, probability-based harmonizing method. In the process, I learned about JS / HTML, basic DOM manipulation, statistical libraries via the npm ecosystem, and using webpack for bundling and dependency management. (My page takes a minute to load.)

GraphQL or REST?! Persisted Queries for the best of both worlds

made by zaiste, submitted by nicholasbs
A case for using "Persisted Queries" with GraphQL to get some of the benefits of REST (without losing the benefits of GraphQL).


made and submitted by Shon
Tiny executable techniques for dealing with emoji

Automate Boring Stuff with Python: Part 1

made and submitted by kellyfoulk
Are you doing a repetitive task that feels like it could be automated? I was. Every day for the past year I’d been importing new users for an app into MailChimp by hand. No more! Now that I’ve learned how to code I’ve handed that task over to Python and Cron.

Under the Hood of Flask-SQLAlchemy

made by kellyfoulk, submitted by porterjamesj
A deep-dive on how the Flask-SQLAlchemy library works, including a basic re-implementation that demonstrates the concepts! You can see the code here:

Ruby Garbage Collection Deep Dive: GC::INTERNAL_CONSTANTS

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
A great overview of Ruby 3.0 garbage collector's internal constants and what they're used for.