A minimalist development workflow using ES6 modules and Snowpack

made by bryanbraun, submitted by nicholasbs
A simple development setup for modern JavaScript, without having to pull in big dependencies or extra complexity (e.g., Create React App).

Playing With Python: 2 Of My Favorite Lenses

made and submitted by brainwane
A small zine about two tools I love to use when I'm playing around & lightly sketching or prototyping to figure out what I want to do: bpython python -i

Midi sight reading app

made by EvanC, submitted by Mai
A web app that helps you learn to sight read. Hook up a midi keyboard and try it here: https://aceofheart5.github.io/WebMidiLearning/.


made by shazow, submitted by nicholasbs
A tool that, given a link, will crawl various sources to get interesting details about that link, including *other* links in the comments on news aggregators.

Hello "Hello world!"

made by jfo, submitted by nicholasbs
A deep dive into the inner workings of printing strings in several languages, with a focus on how Zig balances simplicity and control.

weird machines, map/territory

made and submitted by f_
A philosophical essay exploring computer security, the language of machines, and the difference between how they exist and how we expect them to exist.

Your Hourly Rate

made by Patrick Weaver, submitted by brainwane
A remix of Postlight's Account https://github.com/postlight/account providing an interactive in-browser calculator to help you set your hourly freelancing rate.

Apartment Air Quality Alert System

made by Chris Quintero, submitted by rachel
Useful for those of us spending lots of time inside, Chris's air quality monitor uses a PurpleAir Air Quality Monitor, Raspberry Pi, and a breadboard with an LED -- when the LED blinks, it's time to open a window.

Teaching Robots Physics without Teaching Robots Physics

made and submitted by RnkSngh
Circumventing complicated physics math by using reinforcement learning to train agents to accomplish random tasks

conrad — Conference Radar

made by vinayakmehta, submitted by nicholasbs
A command line tool that helps you track conferences and meetups.