A toy compiler from scratch

made by clarete, submitted by nicholasbs
A detailed and clear walkthrough of building a compiler that targets the Python Virtual Machine.


made by nemo, submitted by porterjamesj
A solver for the card game "Modern Art: Masters Gallery" using the MiniZinc constraint programming language.

NYC 311 Call Dashboard

made by cjiang, submitted by porterjamesj
An interactive visualization of 311 calls in New York, made using Bokeh.

getting my computer to play the windows 95 startup sound

made by QuietMisdreavus, submitted by rachel
Victoria got nostalgic for the Windows '95 boot up sound, so she got her Linux machine to play it when it started up!

Bot or Not

made by Kalli, submitted by rachel
A game where you have to figure out if your opponent is a bot or a human through chat and a game of truth or dare. Harder than it looks! Built by @kallirroi and her collaborators FOREIGN OBJECTS. Play here https://botor.no/ and learn more bots here: https://about.botor.no/

Tricky Colors

made by serena, submitted by porterjamesj
A color perception game: choose the square that's a different color than the others. The more rounds you get correct, the more subtle the difference becomes. You can see the code here: https://github.com/sereprz/tricky-colors

A new version of Checkboxland

made by bryanbraun, submitted by nicholasbs
A new version of Checkboxland, a library for rendering text, animations, and almost anything using *just* HTML checkboxes.


made by Jana, submitted by porterjamesj
Play the classic card game Set online! You can see the code here: https://jana-z.github.io/threeOfAKind/

An innocent query that caused Zulip downtime

made by punchagan, submitted by Mai
An investigation into a small bug that caused a big problem.


made by rory, submitted by porterjamesj
Code for a theremin-like musical instrument made with Rust and Arduino.