Starting to Build a Scrabble Game in Rust

made by amedee, submitted by nicholasbs
Amédée started building a game of scrabble, and is writing about their thinking and decisions in the process. Followup post here:

Building a tiny Pomodoro timer!

made by mclare, submitted by rachel
Maryanne built a tiny Pomodoro timer with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, Pimoroni InkpHAT - 3 Color eInk Display, and a Pibow Zero W Case. Read her blog post about the process here:

Crossword Puzzle Composer

made by Patrick Weaver, submitted by Mai
An app for creating crossword puzzles that encodes the clues and answers in the URL, storing nothing on the server. The screenshot is from an RC-themed puzzle and the code is here:

Diffie-Hellman Mandala

made by dtudury, submitted by Peter Stefek
David made a program which visualizes cycles generated by starting from a base number and repeated multiplying it modulo an adjustable p. It turns out to be pretty beautiful.

How to Recalculate a Spreadsheet

made by lord, submitted by nicholasbs
An in-depth review of the technical challenges of recalculating dependent values in a spreadsheet.

Glitch Gloves

made by lea, submitted by porterjamesj
Code for randomly generating "glitch gloves," to be sewn by a knitting machine.

Markov Keyboard Layout

made by shapr, submitted by strickinato
First, it's impressive software. Second, it takes advantage of emacs in an interesting way. Third, it's a zany idea well executed, and finally -- it's an interesting satirical takedown of hyper-optimization that I very much appreciate.

A game to learn Git

made by blinry, submitted by Mai
An interactive Git learning game & visualization where you play as a time agent solving temporal paradoxes, built by blinry and bleeptrack with the help of the Godot game engine.

Assembly language (not the one you think!)

made by danmccandless, submitted by Mai
A programming language written in Go that uses legalese and parliamentary language to encode operations.

Making the bouncing DVD logo in JavaScript

made and submitted by willthefirst
Remember the DVD screensaver? And how you'd watch that colorful logo bouncing around the screen, lazily hoping that it would hit a corner perfectly as you waited for the sub to fix the the clunky Panasonic TV as he tried to get the movie going in order to finally sedate this rowdy bunch of high school juniors? I made it for the browser.