made by nemo, submitted by rachel
A site with quick links for checking End Of Life dates (and security maintenance information) for various tools and technologies. Open to contributions!

Under the Hood of a Simple DNS Server

made by aos, submitted by nicholasbs
A walkthrough of implementing a simple DNS server that follows the original RFCs for the protocol.

Shynet had a security issue because I misunderstood CORS

made by milesmcc, submitted by Mai
A great blog post about how making an incorrect assumption about how CORS works led to a security vulnerability in the author's self-hosted analytics tool, with a helpful reminder about the dangers of copy/pasting code!

present — A terminal-based presentation tool with colors and effects

made and submitted by vinayakmehta
A presentation tool that runs in the terminal. You can write your slides in Markdown, and style them with colors and ASCII animation effects!

Getting Salty with Reinforcement Learning

made and submitted by RnkSngh
A toolkit for training and creating reinforcement learning agents to mine salt (i.e. compete in the Halite Kaggle Competition)


made by lazerwalker, submitted by porterjamesj
Tune the constants of your Unity game using a MIDI controller.

The Mona Lisa Effect

made and submitted by emilyxxie
Urban legend says that Mona Lisa’s eyes follow you as you move around the room. This digital portrait uses machine learning to actually do this! Source: https://github.com/emilyxxie/mona_lisa_eyes


made by debamitro, submitted by porterjamesj
An in-home social network, designed to work only on you LAN!

2500x: A deliberately terrible image format

made and submitted by shean-knoppers
A terrible website design to showcase a deliberately terrible, revolutionary brand new lossless net portable native image format. View any image on your computer as an array of colored <p> tags. Do simple image transformations by modifying flex properties, padding, and margins. Make your browser crash.


made by yomimono, submitted by porterjamesj
A collection of software tools for generating cross-stitch patterns.