made by Fabrizzio, ckini, submitted by rachel
clocviz is an extension of cloc that lets you "analyze a target codebase and render interactive visualizations: users can traverse the file tree with a simple mouse click and see statistics including lines by file, lines by language, percentage composition per language, etc."


made and submitted by Mikkel
A fun learning experience with a whole lot of pieces, and a nice souvenir from my RC batch to boot!

The Adventures of Poley the Polar Bear

made by JonPizza, submitted by doron
This game about a polar bear is fun. Also, the code is hard to understand, but in a good way.


made by osnr, submitted by porterjamesj
A tool for exposing all your browser tabs as folders and files, enabling you to program your browser with command line tools.

Reading the header of a wav file

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by nicholasbs
Ever wonder how a WAV file is stored? This post explains how WAV files are formatted, along with example C code for reading them.

Visualizing Packrat Parsing

made by awarth, pdubroy, submitted by nicholasbs
A tool for visualizing and stepping through the execution of a parser. Read the post and try it out yourself:

Let’s Build a Quasiquoter

made by hellerve, submitted by nicholasbs
Veit explains what quasiquoting is, why it's useful, and how he added a quasiquoter to Carp, a statically typed Lisp designed for real-time applications.

Day 41: Trying to understand what a bridge is

made by bork, submitted by davidbalbert
Julia figures out what a bridge is, how it works, and how to connect a VM to the internet using a bridge.

Halt and Catch Fire Syllabus

made by Ashley Blewer, submitted by rachel
A self-guided syllabus about computing history based on the show "Halt and Catch Fire," with a pitch-perfect retro design. (Site code here:

Mirror, Mirror

made by lizz thabet, submitted by porterjamesj
An interactive art piece that changes depending how you look at it. See the code here: