Bio: Thinking about email 💌


made by charstiles, submitted by Mai
A real-time collaborative GLSL live code editor. Check out the code here:

The Ratchelor

made by charstiles, submitted by catilac
This is a great little game made entirely in HTML CSS and JS. It's very charming and fun. And it's making a bit of a splash in the digital world. Let me know who you end up marrying! And check out the code here:


made by charstiles, submitted by rachel
A great talk from !!con 2020 about all of the cool things you can do with email, including: "maintain a git repo, display html, run your own email server, use a CLI inbox, and make art."

Raymarching Tutorial

made by charstiles, submitted by porterjamesj
A tutorial with example code about how to implement the raymarching algorithm for rendering 3D scenes using GLSL shaders.

CARL (Code Augmented Reality Live)

made by catilac, charstiles, submitted by zachkrall
CARL stands for Code Augmented Reality Live. In an algorave (algorithmic rave), a programmer/performer codes a 3D environment on the fly using a raymarching algorithm in GLSL; that shader code is also executing and updating on everyone's phone in real time. Using phone orientation and audio input, CARL is a window into an immersive and evolving 3D algorithmic world that dances to the music. You can read more about CARL here: