Plist Watcher

made and submitted by catilac
PList, or property list, files are files which store serialized objects. On MacOS they are used for storing a user's settings information. Eg. if you set your dock to be on the left, bottom, or right. On the command line there is a `defaults` command by which you can inspect and update your options manually. It can be somewhat tedious. This program, written in Go, will output the command to make those changes in real time as you make changes in your system.

2D Fluid Simulator with Vintage Food Exemplars

made by catilac, submitted by charstiles
This 2D fluid simulator is the first of its kind (written in metal using research papers Chirag linked on his website) and the example video is charming yet grotesque at the same time. Very engaging content.

CARL (Code Augmented Reality Live)

made by catilac, charstiles, submitted by zachkrall
CARL stands for Code Augmented Reality Live. In an algorave (algorithmic rave), a programmer/performer codes a 3D environment on the fly using a raymarching algorithm in GLSL; that shader code is also executing and updating on everyone's phone in real time. Using phone orientation and audio input, CARL is a window into an immersive and evolving 3D algorithmic world that dances to the music. You can read more about CARL here:

PsychOut: a live shader editor

made by catilac, submitted by Mai
PsychOut lets you write and edit Metal shaders and see the results in real time.