The Ratchelor

made by charstiles, submitted by catilac
This is a great little game made entirely in HTML CSS and JS. It's very charming and fun. And it's making a bit of a splash in the digital world. Let me know who you end up marrying! And check out the code here:

Plist Watcher

made and submitted by catilac
PList, or property list, files are files which store serialized objects. On MacOS they are used for storing a user's settings information. Eg. if you set your dock to be on the left, bottom, or right. On the command line there is a `defaults` command by which you can inspect and update your options manually. It can be somewhat tedious. This program, written in Go, will output the command to make those changes in real time as you make changes in your system.

Perlin Noise with SVG!

made by dangorelick, submitted by catilac
It's perlin noise with SVG. It is a great reminder that there is a lot of really cool graphics stuff that can be done with it. A robust medium that nobody really knows about.