Meme It So

made by kupad, submitted by Mai
"Meme It So" is a meme and GIF generator that puts every frame of Star Trek: The Next Generation at your meaning-making disposal. Very fun! Check out the code here:

How do you tell if a problem is caused by DNS?

made by bork, submitted by nicholasbs
Practical tools and tips to help you determine if downtime/slowness is caused by DNS, or something else!

Squeezebox Keyboard

made by focusaurus, submitted by nicholasbs
Details, images, and videos of a prototype "squeezebox" ergonomic keyboard Peter built.

Culturally transmitted skills and values

made by impostor, submitted by davidbalbert
Dan is one of the deepest questioners of conventional industry wisdom that I know about (R0ml being the other one). Here, he turns his eye towards culture in general, and debugging in particular.

C++ Coroutines Do Not Spark Joy

made by Malte Skarupke, submitted by Mai
C++20 added support for coroutines. This blog post investigates their value in practice.

The Data Behind New York's Increasingly Dirty Electricity Peaks

made by stevenleeg, submitted by Mai
A data exploration in R of the fuel mix used to serve New York City's electricity grid during times of peak demand. Check out the code here:


made by colbyr, submitted by porterjamesj
Follow Twitter accounts over RSS. You can see the code here:

What I learned publishing an open source package

made by Joe Thomas, submitted by porterjamesj
Reflections on the experience of making and publishing an OCaml library for sending email (


made and submitted by jaqarrick
A self-moving wind chime that responds to data from a weather api. Built using a simple node server that lives on a tiny raspberry pi - the pi connects to an arduino device, which controls a servo motor.

Speed matters

made by jamii, submitted by nicholasbs
A thoughtful case for the benefits of learning how to do things faster.