Fretboard Diagram Generator

made by jacobdgm, submitted by porterjamesj
A Python program to generate fretboard diagrams for fretted string instruments.

made by mclare, submitted by Ryan Prior
Amid years of ongoing discussion about infrastructure spending, Maryanne Wachter published this accessible interactive analysis of public data that surfaces relevant local information about the bridges we rely upon. You can see the code here:

Meme It So

made by kupad, submitted by Mai
"Meme It So" is a meme and GIF generator that puts every frame of Star Trek: The Next Generation at your meaning-making disposal. Very fun! Check out the code here:

How do you tell if a problem is caused by DNS?

made by bork, submitted by nicholasbs
Practical tools and tips to help you determine if downtime/slowness is caused by DNS, or something else!

Squeezebox Keyboard

made by focusaurus, submitted by nicholasbs
Details, images, and videos of a prototype "squeezebox" ergonomic keyboard Peter built.

Culturally transmitted skills and values

made by impostor, submitted by davidbalbert
Dan is one of the deepest questioners of conventional industry wisdom that I know about (R0ml being the other one). Here, he turns his eye towards culture in general, and debugging in particular.

C++ Coroutines Do Not Spark Joy

made by Malte Skarupke, submitted by Mai
C++20 added support for coroutines. This blog post investigates their value in practice.

The Data Behind New York's Increasingly Dirty Electricity Peaks

made by stevenleeg, submitted by Mai
A data exploration in R of the fuel mix used to serve New York City's electricity grid during times of peak demand. Check out the code here:


made by colbyr, submitted by porterjamesj
Follow Twitter accounts over RSS. You can see the code here:

What I learned publishing an open source package

made by Joe Thomas, submitted by porterjamesj
Reflections on the experience of making and publishing an OCaml library for sending email (