Cross-Compiling Rust apps for the Raspberry Pi

made by fabian, submitted by nicholasbs
What do you do if you want to compile a large Rust project on a Raspberry Pi with a comparatively slow CPU and only 1 GB of RAM?

awk: `BEGIN { ...`

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
A quick introduction to to the basics of AWK. For more, check out part two:

The Browser as a Modular, Networked Video Synthesizer

made by ojack, submitted by davidbalbert
Olivia gave a talk at JSConf Hawaii about Hydra, her live programming environment.

Implementing 'focus and reply' for Fastmail with JMAP

made by bork, submitted by davidbalbert
Julia wrote an open source implementation of's "Focus & Reply" feature for Fastmail using JMAP, a new email protocol. Source:


made by danmccandless, submitted by porterjamesj
An implementation of simulated annealing ( for arbitrary Go types.

A Beginner's Guide to Postgres Performance Monitoring

made by malisper, submitted by nicholasbs
Some simple things you can do to get useful performance monitoring in Postgres, without any additional software.


made by vinayakmehta, submitted by porterjamesj
A snake game where you play as the rainbow snake curlyboi (The PyCon Australia mascot) and eat food emojis.


made by tarokuriyama, submitted by porterjamesj
A comparison of ways to visualize your chances of winning a battle in the board game Risk

Slightly Incremental Ray Tracing In One Weekend

made by Peter Stefek, submitted by davidbalbert
Peter wrote a ray tracer in OCaml using Incremental, a library for spreadsheet-like incremental computation.


made and submitted by brianhicks
a toy implemenation and playground for datalog, a logic programming language