Sandwatch - do I have enough time to make a sandwich while this command runs?

made and submitted by shapr
I can easily find out how long it took to run a command, but I'd like to know how long a command might take this time so I can make a sandwich while it's running!

An online version of Hanabi

made by wesleyac, submitted by nicholasbs
An online version of Hanabi, the collaborative card game, built using Rust. You can play with your friends at

Exploring the Vasulka PDF Archive

made by Ashley Blewer, submitted by Mai
A series of short investigations into meaningful archival access, created during RC's annual alumni reunion week. Technical overview here:


made by adityaathalye, submitted by porterjamesj
A tic-tac-toe game that talks to you!

Postcard Wall

made by pselle, submitted by Mai
A beautiful, explorable representation of a wall of postcards that were eventually all sent in the mail. Check out the code here:

Digital Bookshelf

made by gnclmorais, submitted by rachel
This digital bookshelf uses Goodreads to automatically build a page of the books Gonçalo has read. Code here:

What’s the Levenshtein distance?

made by rolandcrosby, submitted by davidbalbert
An interactive visualization of Levenshtein distance. Source:!/whatsthelev


made by Max Bittker, submitted by davidbalbert
A beautiful simulation of a sealed aquatic ecosystem.

Similar Sort

made by brianhicks, submitted by porterjamesj
A small program to improve "fuzzy find" search in text editors.

Roots of Two, Powers of Three

made by talyian, submitted by porterjamesj
An exploration of why musical scales are constructed the way they are. Source: