Tinky Care

made and submitted by mclare
Tinky Care is an eink dashboard for a Pimoroni Inky Impression that shows self care tweets and org-mode completed task counts for the past week. You can also set a pomodoro timer with a button push to stay on task and remember to take breaks!

Building a tiny Pomodoro timer!

made by mclare, submitted by rachel
Maryanne built a tiny Pomodoro timer with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, Pimoroni InkpHAT - 3 Color eInk Display, and a Pibow Zero W Case. Read her blog post about the process here: https://mclare.blog/posts/building-a-tiny-pomodoro-timer/


made by mclare, submitted by porterjamesj
Open source structural engineering software for estimating the vibration frequency of concrete floors.