Is Processing Java?

made by brindelle, submitted by rachel
If you're interested in software archaeology or Processing, you'll enjoy Bonnie's exploration of an eternal question: is Processing, in fact, Java? If not Java, what is it?

Drawing Parallel Lines on a Map

made by Patrick Weaver, submitted by Mai
An interactive exploration into a math-y rabbit hole that began when Patrick decided he didn't want his animated trains to look like they were colliding.


made by jamii, submitted by davidbalbert
Jamie was writing a SQL query compiler. Writing a compiler is a great way to get acquainted with all the weird nooks and crannies of a language. He has documented some for our reading pleasure.

Ruby Jard

made by nguyenquangminh0711, submitted by davidbalbert
An interactive debugger for Ruby with a beautiful terminal UI.

Hacking Ethernet out of Fibre Channel cards

made by Benjojo, submitted by nicholasbs
What do you do after you buy three shopping bags worth of Fiber Channel cards on eBay? This is a delightful story of the rabbit hole Ben went down to make the cards useful, including writing a virtual device handler that treats the cards like SCIS scanners!

Sudoku solver and visualization

made by tarokuriyama, submitted by porterjamesj
An interactive Sudoku solver that lets you step forward and backward through a visualization of how it works.

Randomized Dystopia

made and submitted by brainwane
Tired of the same old dystopias that stomp free speech/freedom of movement? Randomized Dystopia suggests other rights your fictional tyranny could deny its citizens! A Flask app remixing statements of human rights, children's rights, and women's rights. (source:

Self-organization Interactive Evolution (SOIE)

made by roujia, submitted by rachel
SOIE is a GUI application written in Python and C++ for the interactive exploration of simulations of self-organizing active particles. Roujia's paper is here:

Camelot, a Python library to extract tables from PDFs

made by vinayakmehta, submitted by brainwane
As the docs note, "Sadly, a lot of today’s open data is trapped in PDF tables."

Little Lisp interpreter

made by maryrosecook, submitted by davidbalbert
Mary wrote a little Lisp and then annotated the source code. If you've never written an interpreter for a programming language before, this is a great place to start.