Reasoning about colors

made by neeasade, submitted by nicholasbs
An in-depth post about colors, including clear explanations of different color spaces (RGB, HSL, etc) and how to define other concepts like contrast and pastels in terms of those spaces.


made and submitted by simon-weber
An open source email lottery, where a each week a randomly chosen subscriber gets to email all the other subscribers. Posts can be about anything; recent subject lines include "Hacking Hypertext", "The year of the tornado", and "human thoughts from a human being...maybe?"

Chrome Tab Archive

made and submitted by icco
A simple chrome extension that lets you archive your currently tabs for future searching and reference.

A guide to recursion, with examples

made by Matthieu, submitted by Mai
A clearly written guide to recursion, with examples in PHP.

How to Take Over The Computer of Any Java (or Clojure or Scala) Developer

made by mveytsman, submitted by davidbalbert
In 2014, Max realized that packages from Maven Central weren't served over TLS. He built a proof of concept exploit that added cat pictures to any Java program that installed a package from the internet, and convinced Maven Central to support TLS.


made by maiamcc, submitted by porterjamesj
A tool for crossword authors to find symmetrical crossings for their theme clues.

I Spent 11 Years Working on This Line Rider Track

made by davidlu, submitted by sengming
It is the most epic of epic line rider tracks.


made by sengming, submitted by porterjamesj
A Rails engine for accepting payments with Stripe.


made by leviroth, submitted by porterjamesj
An OCaml package for using the Reddit API.

Self Hosting Git9

made by ori, submitted by rachel
Ori built a "a simple, clean implementation of git for Plan 9." Why? "Pride, mostly."