made by Sarah Welz Geselowitz, submitted by porterjamesj
A programming language designed to read like poetry!

React from scratch

made by anushriadhia, nick, thechutrain, submitted by porterjamesj
A 2kb implementation of React from scratch, along with a presentation built using the library itself!

Creating your own reverse geocoder with OSM and PostGIS

made and submitted by stevenleeg
Ever wondered how you could leverage OSM data for your own project? This post provides a quick guide on how to import OSM data dumps into your own database and begin running spacial joins using PostGIS.

Teaching a cheap ethernet switch new tricks

made by Benjojo, submitted by porterjamesj
Ben figured out how to run arbitrary code on an inexpensive Dell switch.


made by thechutrain, submitted by porterjamesj
A command line tool for automatically adding "Co-authored-by: " lines to git commits while pair programming.

Config Management

made by rking, submitted by porterjamesj
An explanation for configuration management for beginners. Very cool to see, since config management is so often a mysterious topic!

The rust module system and useful crates for CLI apps

made and submitted by ngoldbaum
Nathan describes his experience expanding a few hundred line single-file rust script into a modularized command-line application.

Dynamic Programming

made by ngoldbaum, submitted by alicia
Nathan explains dynamic programming clearly thorough simple examples in this blog post.


made by s4y, submitted by davidbalbert
Dash lets you display the contents of a web page on your Mac desktop. Whenever you update the HTML file, Dash redraws itself. It's a great tool for scripting.

Eyes Above

made and submitted by DanielMiller
A Chrome extension providing real-time data about the satellites in a radius directly overhead. The Eyes Above app also includes an experimental audio sonification of this data using FM (frequency modulation) synthesis and LFOs (low frequency oscillators) as an acoustic corollary to the data in real time.