What is Spatial Audio?

made by lazerwalker, submitted by Mai
A useful overview of what spatial audio is and what cool applications might be possible with Apple's new head-tracking APIs!

New browsers

made and submitted by Kalli
A different browser built using Electron.


made by davidbalbert, submitted by porterjamesj
An implementation of miniKanren in a Swift playground.

Forbidden Fruit

made by clarete, submitted by porterjamesj
A library for dynamically "monkeypatching" built-in Python objects!

Building the perfect audio visualization

made by nemo, submitted by Mai
An audio visualizer for custom animated wallpaper that adds curve-based rendering to the spectrumyzer project.


made by mrdrozdov, submitted by nicholasbs
A tool that draws binary and n-ary trees over sentences uses minimal vertical space.

Old Code Gets Younger Every Year

made by bellmar, submitted by Mai
A great blog post that explores and debunks common truisms about legacy systems and technical debt.

Digital Circuits

made by anthonyabeo, submitted by porterjamesj
A collection of digital circuits written in SystemVerilog that can be flashed to an FPGA (including the circuit for the taillight control system of a 1960s Ford Thunderbird!)

Digital Fabrication of Soft Actuated Objects by Machine Knitting

made by lea, submitted by davidbalbert
New techniques for creating movable knitted 3D objects.

Neural Nets from Scratch

made by RnkSngh, submitted by porterjamesj
A Jupyter notebook demoing how to create a neural network from scratch in a few hundred lines of code.