NeXTstep on the HP 712 Part 1: Installation

made by sophaskins, submitted by porterjamesj
Sophie's exploration of installing NeXTstep on an 80s workstation computer, part of her ongoing series about historical operating systems.

I Wrote a Faster Sorting Algorithm

made by Malte Skarupke, submitted by nicholasbs
An in-depth blog post about writing an optimized radix sort that's faster than C++'s std::sort for many inputs.

Building a browser

made by bern, submitted by Mai
An HTML/CSS rendering engine written in Go, because browsers are cool.

Building a Gatsby Plugin with Rust + Wasm

made and submitted by alessia
Building a Gatsby plugin for generating Open Graph images for blog posts with Rust and WebAssembly yields a deeper appreciation of the complexity that underlies rendering 2D text to screens.


made and submitted by icco
A simple Go server for collecting Report-To reports from browsers. A great way to collect bugs from your web clients.

Imagine This: A Web Without Servers

made by taravancil, submitted by nicholasbs
The Web was envisioned as an open platform for publishing and sharing information, but that vision has been lost: most people will never publish independently on the Web. What went wrong?


made by Evan, submitted by porterjamesj
An implementation of the Monkey programming language from "Writing An Interpreter In Go."


made by mat, submitted by porterjamesj
An open source FIDO2 USB security key made with a Raspberry Pi.


made and submitted by mjec
A simple, secure way to add FIDO2 second factor protection to encryption keys and other static secrets, that works with the cheaper blue Yubikeys


made by emma, submitted by porterjamesj
A game written in Elm to learn about functional programming.