um-abt: an OCaml library for unifiable abstract binding trees

made and submitted by Shon
um-abt is a library for working with the abstract syntax of languages that use variables. It provides "unifiable abstract binding trees" (UABTs): abstract syntax trees (ASTs), enriched with constructs to manage variable binding and (nominal) unification.

Mitigating harm in language models with conditional-likelihood filtration

made and submitted by mathemakitten
Language models built on datasets scraped from the open web have become foundational in natural language processing, but they reflect and amplify the biases and harms of their training data. We created a system which lets us filter training data to build more value-aligned models. It's imperfect—the internet is really big, harmful text is ever-evolving, and human labels include human biases. But little-by-little, we get closer to friendlier models!

Making a vocoder

made by jimkang, submitted by Mai
Jim is working on a vocoder at RC currently! You can read about it on his blog and check out the code here:

How to expose inputs (editable values) in a Google Sheets model

made by peter, submitted by nicholasbs
A clever way to automatically format (and thus be able to see) all the cells in a Google Sheets spreadsheet that are intended to be inputs.

GitHub Star Tagger

made by apettenati, submitted by rachel
Add tags to your starred repos on GitHub, so you never again lose track of that plugin or parser you totally meant to install.

Wrec: a recommendation engine that tells you what you're missing

made by TaniyaS, submitted by Mai
Instead of suggesting books that are similar to ones you've already read, this recommendation engine tries to broaden your horizons by showing you what you're not reading or paying attention to.

Some reasons to measure

made by impostor, submitted by Mai
A thoughtful blog post on the value of measuring vs. building.

JNJ (J iN Janet)

made by zdsmith, submitted by vaibhavsagar
Janet bindings to the J array programming language!

My stack for research ML projects

made by pmin, submitted by nicholasbs
Advice and suggestions for a set of tools for small teams to use for machine learning research projects.

I am the controller

made by jaqarrick, Uhhmara, submitted by rachel
Create pixel art and music... with your (anonymized) face.