Are Turing Machines Programmable?

made by nickdrozd, submitted by nicholasbs
An exploration of the nature of representations of Turing machines, as well as examples of how to implement a Turing machine simulator, single-purpose machines, and finally a general purpose, configurable implementation.


made by jxxcarlson, submitted by rachel
"An infinite minimalist chorale in four parts written in Haskell using the Euterpea library." It's beautiful and moody as is, and James plans to keep working on it!


made by Yury Chistov, submitted by porterjamesj
A timer to calculate running pace, built as a project to learn Elm.


made by lord, submitted by Mai
A CRDT library in Rust for collaborative editing of JSON documents.

The compositor is evil

made by Raph, submitted by Mai
A blog post covering the history of the compositor introduced in Mac OS X and the tradeoffs it demands.

Color Controversy

made and submitted by robinovitch61
Open sourced color truth! Vote on some ambiguous colors and see the most controversial ones. See the source code here:


made by toddwords, submitted by nicholasbs
A book of "playable" poetry that's also kind of a game and also kind of an instrument. Source:

Is this Mahler? This sounds like Mahler

made by sarabee, submitted by Mai
A custom (and beautiful!) display of what's playing now on New York's classical music station. The code is here:


made by scriptnull, submitted by porterjamesj
A simple "webhook server" that runs scripts in response to HTTP requests.


made by suhailpatel, submitted by porterjamesj
A high-performance tool for exporting metrics from Prometheus to Cassandra.