Building Developer Tools

made by Kunal Bhalla, submitted by nicholasbs
A collection of posts about building developer tools, including why you might want to work on them; how to identify good opportunities for new tools; common pitfalls when building them; suggestions for building good tools; and much more!

Slate Explorer

made by Jake Donham, submitted by rachel
A tool for exploring the API of Slate, a framework for building rich-text editors. Read more about it on Jake's blog here: And check out the code here:!/slate-explorer?

Dead Tree

made by addiebarron, submitted by Mai
A fun L-system visualizer written in p5.js. Play with it at the link above and check out the code here:

A Logarithm is Just the Number of Digits

made by Malte Skarupke, submitted by Mai
This is a fun, simple blog post about mathematical intuition.


made by Joe Thomas, submitted by porterjamesj
A web API for sensor reading data written in OCaml using the Dream framework.

Programmable Matter

made by Jake Donham, submitted by porterjamesj
"Did you ever wish your document editor were more like an IDE? Your IDE more like a spreadsheet? Your spreadsheet more like a database?"

Livestream: WebAssembly GraphQL Client

made by reconbot, submitted by porterjamesj
Francis collaborates a WebAssembly-based GraphQL client—live on stream!

Teaching WebGL to dance to music

made by hkgumbs, submitted by nicholasbs
Kofi walks through how he used Elm to describe dance moves in 3D, synced his dancer with MIDI, and visualized the moves in WebGL.

How to send emails from Dream

made by Joe Thomas, submitted by rachel
Joe has been learning about web programming in OCaml during his RC batch. Here he illustrates how he set up email integration using the Dream web framework. Code here:

Defining Legacy System

made by Matthieu, submitted by Mai
What we talk about when we talk about legacy systems.