Ruby String Formatting

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
Simple, useful tips for cleaning up, centering, and justifying strings for nice output in Ruby!

Against SQL

made by jamii, submitted by davidbalbert
Jamie makes a clear, compelling case for SQL’s shortcomings and what we could replace it with.

Vitarka: an eccentric time management system

made by GAM, submitted by Mai
A time management system for autodidacts, written mostly in JavaScript. It's built for personal use and combines a few different time management techniques.


made by wlach, submitted by nicholasbs
A Jupyter-like environment that uses Markdown and outputs pure, self-contained web pages. More details about why Will is building this project:

Chess Clock

made by SammyDeJesus, submitted by rachel
A dual-timer chess clock that allows for custom times for each player, in-game adjustments, and more!

Oblique for Processing

made by masoodkamandy, submitted by rachel
A port of Oblique (an app that allows to to apply real-time filtering of your camera feed) to Processing, OfP uses a chain of shaders to allow users to filter images.

Sand on a speaker cone

made by addiebarron, submitted by rachel
An interactive demo of Chladni patterns, which form when a plate of sand is placed above a speaker playing certain frequencies and begins to resonate.

How I Contribute to Open Source Projects

made by Joe Thomas, submitted by nicholasbs
Joe shares his process for finding and evaluating open source projects (and issues within those projects) to contribute to.

Toycoin Part 1: Crypto Basics

made by tarokuriyama, submitted by Mai
Follow along as Taro walks through his process learning about blockchain and coming up with an implementation from scratch.

A Vim Guide For Veteran Users

made by Matthieu, submitted by nicholasbs
The fifth post in a series on Vim. Even if you're a long-time Vim user, this post is sure to have some tips and tricks you've never seen.