made by meereeum, submitted by Mai
It's a glitch art generator written in Python. Guaranteed to create glitched images; 'art' not guaranteed.

Web Sparkle

made by christinecha, submitted by rachel
A toolbox of frontend web development modules to add some ✨sparkle✨to your website!


made by rohitparulkar, submitted by porterjamesj
A Ruby gem for interacting with the Rock the Vote API.

Subway Visualization

made and submitted by andrewchien
Timelapse visualization of the NYC Subway generated from the MTA real-time data feed.

Space Invaders 👾

made by emma, submitted by porterjamesj
Space Invaders in JavaScript, with unique visuals!


made by taravancil, submitted by porterjamesj
A command-line password manager in JavaScript.

Minimalist Piano Forever

made by mouse, submitted by davidbalbert
Mouse gives a great talk about the making of Gnossiennes No. 1 Forever (


made by billmarcy, souren, submitted by porterjamesj
A software rasterizer that can render to the terminal!

made by michaelwlu, AlliColyer, submitted by rachel simulates Kanye West quotes using Markov chains.


made by fabian, submitted by nicholasbs
It's like `git diff` but for sites generated by Hugo, the static site generator.