made and submitted by rfong
Geolocate dialects' phonemes on a GLSL-shader ASCII mashup world map!

IETF RFCs that are actually just poems

made by Ashley Blewer, submitted by davidbalbert
"Twas the night before start-up and all through the net, not a packet was moving; no bit nor octet."

Data driven literary analysis

made by serena, submitted by nicholasbs
An exploration of techniques for using natural language processing to better understand literary works, with example analysis of Shakespeare using Python and NLTK.

Evaluating array reference performance: row-major vs. column-major order

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by davidbalbert
A deep dive into the performance characteristics of accessing multidimensional arrays in row-major order vs column-major order. Cache misses, cycle counts, etc.

Estimating CPU cache size with the memory mountain

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by nicholasbs
A post showing how you can measure and graph memory usage of a test program, and then use this to estimate the sizes of the L1, L2, and L3 caches for the CPU the code ran on!

Writing a REST API with Dream

made by Joe Thomas, submitted by nicholasbs
A self-described "experience report" comparing what it's like to build a web API in OCaml and its libraries to building one in Python.

Ruby String Formatting

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
Simple, useful tips for cleaning up, centering, and justifying strings for nice output in Ruby!

Against SQL

made by jamii, submitted by davidbalbert
Jamie makes a clear, compelling case for SQL’s shortcomings and what we could replace it with.

Vitarka: an eccentric time management system

made by GAM, submitted by Mai
A time management system for autodidacts, written mostly in JavaScript. It's built for personal use and combines a few different time management techniques.


made by wlach, submitted by nicholasbs
A Jupyter-like environment that uses Markdown and outputs pure, self-contained web pages. More details about why Will is building this project: