Prototyping An LED Quilt With My Mom

made by strickinato, submitted by nicholasbs
A detailed overview of how to embed LEDs in a quilt.


made by utopia, submitted by davidbalbert
A little utility for merging multiple PDFs into one, larger PDF.

Wikidata Card Game Generator

made by blinry, submitted by Mai
Generate your own card game based on any topic using Wikidata! It works by fetching instances of arbitrary subclasses of the topic, finding the properties that occur most often, and selecting the 32 cards which have as many of these as possible filled in. Made by blinry and bleeptrack.

Pho-diff: visualize phonetic differences between languages

made by santigepigon, submitted by Mai
Pho-diff lets you visually compare the phonetic inventories of two languages by presenting a diff of their representations in the International Phonetic Alphabet!

More Hearts Than Bullets

made by Leli, submitted by Mai
A clever variant on a Space Invaders type game, where you shoot hearts at your sad friends until they get happy!


made by nelhage, submitted by davidbalbert
A tool that lets you move a process from one terminal to another.


made by antifuchs, submitted by davidbalbert
Describe your Gmail filters programmatically. The filters you write with gmail-britta often work better than the ones you set up by hand.

Understanding the AUROC metric

made by brilee, submitted by porterjamesj
An explanation of metrics for comparing statistical classifiers, and why the most common one, AUROC, is so commonly used.

7 Ways to Loop in JavaScript

made by hachibu, submitted by nicholasbs
A fun exercise: See how many different ways you can think of to loop over an array in JavaScript before reading this post.


made by rodarmor, submitted by porterjamesj
A simpler-than-make command runner.