made by dylnuge, submitted by davidbalbert
A DNS server written in Rust.


made by vipyne, submitted by davidbalbert
A program that lets you store a secret message in an image. The image below has a secret message in it!


made and submitted by bryanbraun
Checkboxland is a highly-unnecessary javascript library for rendering anything as HTML checkboxes. You can use it to display animations, text, and arbitrary data. It also supports plugins, so you can build more powerful APIs on top of it.

Life of a Container

made by indradhanush, submitted by rachel
Indradhanush talks about why there's really no such thing as a container in this talk from Kubernetes Forum Delhi.

The Glitch Gallery

made and submitted by blinry
The Glitch Gallery is an online exhibition of pretty software bugs! It's a museum of accidental art, an enthusiastic embrace of mistakes, a celebration of emergent beauty. Open for your submissions!


made by sorpaas, submitted by davidbalbert
An seL4-inspired microkernel written in Rust.


made by Andrew Yoon, submitted by porterjamesj
A "stochastic markup language" that lets you easily write chance-determined text.

How 1500 bytes became the MTU of the internet

made by Benjojo, submitted by nicholasbs
The maximum size of an ethernet payload is 1500 bytes. This post explains the history of where that number came from.


made by mclare, submitted by porterjamesj
Open source structural engineering software for estimating the vibration frequency of concrete floors.


made by ojack, submitted by davidbalbert
A synthesizer that turns images into music!