Autoresponder for Google Hangouts

made by simon-weber, submitted by rachel
Set up an autoresponse for Hangouts while you're on vacation, or for accounts you don't use often.


made by AMozeak, submitted by nicholasbs
A Go graph data structure library implemented by storing the graph efficiently as integers.


made by amedee, submitted by porterjamesj
A "paint by numbers" generator in the browser using Rust and WebAssembly. You can see the code here:


made by Toph Allen, submitted by porterjamesj
Voronoms is a tool for inferring geographic boundaries (e.g., the borders of New York) from place data (e.g., a list of latitude/longitude coordinates of a bunch of businesses in New York) using Voronoi tessellation.


made by ojack, submitted by porterjamesj
Hydra is a programming environment for livecoding visuals using JavaScript. You can see the source code here here:

Entale - Language Game

made and submitted by billmarcy
A puzzle/role playing game where the player can freely construct sentences to speak with NPCs.


made by cmyr, submitted by porterjamesj
Easily profile Rust programs using the built-in "Instruments" app on macOS.

How Zig Do

made by jfo, submitted by davidbalbert
An introduction to the Zig programming language. (Zig was created by Andrew Kelley, another Recurser).


made by meereeum, submitted by Mai
It's a glitch art generator written in Python. Guaranteed to create glitched images; 'art' not guaranteed.

Web Sparkle

made by christinecha, submitted by rachel
A toolbox of frontend web development modules to add some ✨sparkle✨to your website!