Wolfram Beta

made by mathemakitten, joepalermo, submitted by mathemakitten
Wolfram Beta is a computational knowledge engine like Wolfram Alpha, but worse! It is powered by a tiny neural network. It only does addition and subtraction! It's better with decimals than integers! Made by @mathemakitten @j_w_palermo + friends.

Comma Quest

made by Meghna, submitted by Mai
Comma Quest is an interactive narrative built in p5.js that experiments with abstraction and identity. You play as a geometric shape slowly gaining consciousness and exploring a world built entirely out of type.


made by doracaswell, submitted by porterjamesj
A procedural quilt pattern generator using p5.js.

How containers work: overlayfs

made by bork, submitted by nicholasbs
Container images can be quite large, and creating a copy every time you start a new container would be slow and wasteful. This post explains a solution to this problem: overlay file systems!

Be Your Own Password Generator

made by hachibu, submitted by Mai
This password generator uses a video of you to generate a random password. Read more about it here: https://hachibu.net/posts/2019/be-your-own-password-generator/

Game of Life

made by Joe_Winter, submitted by porterjamesj
A JavaScript implementation of the game of life, featuring in-depth visualizations and analysis.

A command-line haiku generator

made by norax, submitted by Mai
A command-line program to generate haikus using Markov chains!

Using the URL to build database-free web apps

made by bryanbraun, submitted by nicholasbs
A nice overview of the pros and cons of making entirely static web apps by storing all of the state in the URL.


made and submitted by dbalan
Build ebooks from article links to send them to eReaders. Pinkindle can also get links from a pinboard.in account.

Prototyping An LED Quilt With My Mom

made by strickinato, submitted by nicholasbs
A detailed overview of how to embed LEDs in a quilt.