LVCA: Language Verification, Construction, and Analysis

made by joel, submitted by nicholasbs
LVCA is a tool for building programming languages with a small core. You create a language by specifying (1) its syntax, (2) its statics (i.e., typechecking rules), (3) its dynamics (i.e.m, how it evaluates), and (4) its concrete syntax.


made by hc, submitted by porterjamesj
A command-line audio synthesizer written in C.


made by harold, submitted by davidbalbert
An elegant visualization of how Bezier curves work.

Food language variety visualization

made by jbrew, nmicht, submitted by porterjamesj
An interactive map that uses data from Wikipedia to visualize the variation in what different foods are called around the world. You can see the code here:

Resume as Code: Building a Resume with LaTeX + GitHub Actions

made and submitted by alessia
An exploration of using GitHub Actions to automate the process of updating my resume.

Introduction to text analysis with TF-IDF

made and submitted by kerryrodden
An interactive notebook that explains the text analysis technique TF-IDF (term frequency - inverse document frequency) with the help of a small open source JavaScript library.

Imp: Dev and design log

made by jamii, submitted by nicholasbs
Imp is an emacs-like live programming environment with a versioned database, a pure language built around relations, and an extensible GUI. This is a development log for the project, along with a working playground.

Bathroom guy flossing animation with SVG and Elm

made and submitted by hkgumbs
Kofi animated the bathroom guy to move to the rhythm in his heart

Building a Better Meatloaf

made by Joe_Winter, submitted by porterjamesj
A long-term project aimed at analyzing large numbers of online recipes for a given food (e.g. meatloaf) to answer questions like which ingredients are the most important, what interesting variations exist, and what's the "average" meatloaf recipe.

A Plotter Quine

made by lord, submitted by rachel
An almost-proper-quine -- a program that prints its own source code -- in Rust, printed on one page by RC's HP7440A plotter. Check out the code here: