Mosaic Knitting Pattern Generator/Editor

made by Joe_Winter, submitted by Mai
This is a program written in Python to generate and edit mosaic knitting patterns, with built-in validation based on whether the pattern is possible to physically knit! It's currently designed to build an 8 stitch by 8(16) row block, displayed as a tesselation in real time.

You Won’t Believe This One Weird CPU Instruction!

made by vaibhavsagar, submitted by Mai
A brief history of the uses of popcount (aka 'the NSA instruction'), delivered at !!Con 2019.


made by Ngozi Nwogwugwu, submitted by porterjamesj
A reimplementation of the SQLite database, written once in C, and again in Python.

Midi Plotter

made and submitted by jskjott
A program for the HP7440A pen plotter which draws midi notes real-time as they are received ^^

Open Splendor

made by BChizzle, submitted by porterjamesj
An open source implementation of the board game Splendor.

Alt React: An unframework for minimalists

made and submitted by bryanbraun
A background and technical overview of "Alt React," a ReactJS alternative for minimalists (or anyone experiencing JavaScript tooling fatigue).

RC Webring

made by JonPizza, mfekadu, jskjott, submitted by jskjott
A webring made to inspire Recursers to build an online home and share traffic among each other.


made by norax, submitted by davidbalbert
A tiny C compiler written in OCaml.


made and submitted by jessechen
Interactively deform tesselated stars. You can see the code at

Snake Neural Network

made by JonPizza, submitted by doron
Jon trained a computer to play snake for five hours so you don't have to.