Make a computer vision-based video game that doesn't feel janky with this one weird trick

made by doron, submitted by nicholasbs
An overview of building Toot, a 7-foot tall arcade game that uses a concealed camera for computer vision.


made and submitted by annainbrooklyn
I made a song in TidalCycles and SuperCollider.

Pithon; Writing Snake in Python

made and submitted by josh-kean
This is a version of the arcade game Snake, but instead of displaying squares and extending a snake body via squares, the snake is the number pi, and it increases by each digit in pi. You need to have PyGame installed on your computer for this to run successfully.

Real-World Natural Language Processing

made by mhagiwara, submitted by nicholasbs
Early access chapters from the upcoming book, Real-World Natural Language Processing.


made by Louis Hyde, submitted by yomimono
this game is a series of really fun spatial puzzles on a few different levels, and their interactions combine to make a new take on this genre (one of my favorites!).


made by yomimono, submitted by doron
An addictive idle game about maintaining an open-source project. Do code! Write docs! Remove cruft! Earn hype! Woo contributors!

LVCA: Language Verification, Construction, and Analysis

made by joel, submitted by nicholasbs
LVCA is a tool for building programming languages with a small core. You create a language by specifying (1) its syntax, (2) its statics (i.e., typechecking rules), (3) its dynamics (i.e.m, how it evaluates), and (4) its concrete syntax.


made by hc, submitted by porterjamesj
A command-line audio synthesizer written in C.


made by harold, submitted by davidbalbert
An elegant visualization of how Bezier curves work.

Food language variety visualization

made by nmicht, jbrew, submitted by porterjamesj
An interactive map that uses data from Wikipedia to visualize the variation in what different foods are called around the world. You can see the code here: