Flattening quadratic Béziers

made by Raph, submitted by porterjamesj
Raph explains how to render Bézier curves by turning them into a sequence of straight lines.

A Lightweight OCaml Webapp Tutorial

made and submitted by Shon
This tutorial aims to guide readers familiar with OCaml along one course to a backend for a webapp. The app is lightweight in that it doesn’t take much code to define and in that it probably shouldn’t be used for any heavy, industrial applications. The app demos two kinds of functionality: (1) An embellished echo server, responding to path parameters; (2) An interface to a rudimentary database of author excerpts.

One second code: How fast is your computer?

made by bork, kamal, submitted by rachel
Guess, to the nearest order of magnitude, how fast your computer is at running different programs! Source: https://github.com/kamalmarhubi/one-second


made by corlock, submitted by rachel
An experimental p2p chat tool that allows users to chat over encrypted TCP streams, and makes use of Scuttlebutt's social graph and peer discovery.


made by Benjojo, filippo, submitted by filippo
A simple, modern and secure encryption tool with small explicit keys, no config options, and UNIX-style composability.

JSON Path Finder

made by joebeachjoebeach, submitted by nicholasbs
An elegant interface for quickly navigating JSON objects. The software automatically generates the path to retrieve the data you select.


made by loganw, submitted by porterjamesj
An open source, medium resolution, and broadband thermal imaging camera.

mkcert: a simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates

made by filippo, submitted by Mai
mkcert automatically creates and installs a local CA in the system root store, and generates locally-trusted certificates. Configuring servers to use the certificates is up to you.


made by Shon, submitted by porterjamesj
Implementations of algebraic structures for OCaml.

Dear Stranger

made by dangorelick, submitted by davidbalbert
Paint with light. Source: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/dear-stranger