Logical clocks implemented in Rust

made by kavirajk, submitted by Mai
A logical clock is a mechanism for capturing chronological and causal relationships in a distributed system. This program, written in Rust, implements vector clocks and dotted version vectors.


made by jay, submitted by davidbalbert
A Quake 2 map renderer written in Julia.

Take it ease-y

made and submitted by Alec
Observable notebook to explore and compare easing functions in CSS and D3.

Git from the inside out

made by maryrosecook, submitted by nicholasbs
A 6,000-word deep dive that explains the innards of how Git works.

Make a computer vision-based video game that doesn't feel janky with this one weird trick

made by doron, submitted by nicholasbs
An overview of building Toot, a 7-foot tall arcade game that uses a concealed camera for computer vision.


made and submitted by annainbrooklyn
I made a song in TidalCycles and SuperCollider.

Pithon; Writing Snake in Python

made and submitted by josh-kean
This is a version of the arcade game Snake, but instead of displaying squares and extending a snake body via squares, the snake is the number pi, and it increases by each digit in pi. You need to have PyGame installed on your computer for this to run successfully.

Real-World Natural Language Processing

made by mhagiwara, submitted by nicholasbs
Early access chapters from the upcoming book, Real-World Natural Language Processing.


made by Louis Hyde, submitted by yomimono
this game is a series of really fun spatial puzzles on a few different levels, and their interactions combine to make a new take on this genre (one of my favorites!).


made by yomimono, submitted by doron
An addictive idle game about maintaining an open-source project. Do code! Write docs! Remove cruft! Earn hype! Woo contributors!