Rust Playground for macOS

made and submitted by cmyr
Rust Playground for macOS is a simple environment for writing and running small Rust programs.


made and submitted by vaibhavsagar
A Git-compatible content tracker in Haskell!


made and submitted by blinry
An esoteric programming language where programs are defined by the graph of commits in a Git repository.

Zeerust: A Z80 emulator in Rust with a web frontend

made by stillinbeta, submitted by nicholasbs
An emulator for the Z80 processor, with a web-based UI which lets you load programs, step through their instructions, and see the current state of main memory and all registers.


made by jsk, submitted by porterjamesj
A calming interactive visualization of a poem's cadence.

Inferring chart type from autocorrelation and other evils

made and submitted by tophtucker
I wrote a computational essay about using autocorrelation to infer whether to draw a line or bar chart, illustrated how it's calculated, and concluded with historical context. It's a live notebook; click the left margin to view or edit code for any cell.


made by Justin Falcone, submitted by porterjamesj
A JavaScript library for building little languages with tagged template literals.


made by lynnagara, submitted by porterjamesj
An in-browser drawing app, built entirely with Rust and WebAssembly. Try it out at


made by stillinbeta, submitted by porterjamesj
A Game of Life server written in Rust. You can try it out over telnet!: telnet 30434

Recursive Filesystem Entries

made by wesleyac, submitted by davidbalbert
Wesley put a 4GB file in a 232KB file system by making some clever modifications to the FAT.