101 Hello Worlds

made by georgemandis, submitted by rachel
"A Rube Goldbergian exercise in exploring convoluted solutions to simple problems." George hopes to get 101 unique approaches to saying "Hello World" in JavaScript. Contributions are welcome!


made by Max Bittker, submitted by rachel
A tool for making "9-patch" borders. You can design your pattern on a neat little grid, see the results immediately, and copy the CSS to your own site! Source: https://github.com/maxbittker/broider


made by elynnyap, submitted by porterjamesj
A Harry Potter-themed "shell for wizards"!

The Simplest Explanation of Oil

made by andychu, submitted by nicholasbs
Oil is a new Unix shell. This post explains why you might want to use it.

Zig Live Coding - x86_64 Assembler from Scratch, Part 1

made by andrewrk, submitted by davidbalbert
Andrew Kelley, the creator of the Zig programming language, live-codes an assembler in Zig to understand how assemblers work. Starts around 5:00 in the video.

Introduction to Cybersecurity

made by milesmcc, submitted by dylnuge
A wonderful primer on cybersecurity concepts ranging from phone phreaking to cryptography, complete with exercises! This is incredible if you're new to cybersecurity or looking for materials to help teach people who are.


made by tyehle, submitted by porterjamesj
A compiler for a simple language using LLVM.

Computers can be understood

made by nelhage, submitted by Mai
A principled exploration of the author's philosophical approach to computing in general and debugging specifically.


made by maxpollack, submitted by hkgumbs
Sequence and tune this software organ using math expressions


made by ori, submitted by porterjamesj
A programming language aiming for control and simplicity, similar to C but with fewer sharp edges.