How Zig Do

made by jfo, submitted by davidbalbert
An introduction to the Zig programming language. (Zig was created by Andrew Kelley, another Recurser).


made by meereeum, submitted by Mai
It's a glitch art generator written in Python. Guaranteed to create glitched images; 'art' not guaranteed.

Web Sparkle

made by christinecha, submitted by rachel
A toolbox of frontend web development modules to add some ✨sparkle✨to your website!


made by rohitparulkar, submitted by porterjamesj
A Ruby gem for interacting with the Rock the Vote API.

Subway Visualization

made and submitted by andrewchien
Timelapse visualization of the NYC Subway generated from the MTA real-time data feed.

Space Invaders 👾

made by emma, submitted by porterjamesj
Space Invaders in JavaScript, with unique visuals!


made by taravancil, submitted by porterjamesj
A command-line password manager in JavaScript.

Minimalist Piano Forever

made by mouse, submitted by davidbalbert
Mouse gives a great talk about the making of Gnossiennes No. 1 Forever (


made by souren, billmarcy, submitted by porterjamesj
A software rasterizer that can render to the terminal!

made by AlliColyer, michaelwlu, submitted by rachel simulates Kanye West quotes using Markov chains.