5 ways to calculate the Nth number in the Fibonacci Sequence

made by robinovitch61, submitted by rachel
Five ways to find numbers in a Fibonacci sequence using recursion, memoization, tabulation, iteration, and VM Code!


made by mat, submitted by porterjamesj
A high-performance encoder for the yEnc binary-to-text encoding format, built to learn about ARM64 assembly programming.

Raymarching Tutorial

made by charstiles, submitted by porterjamesj
A tutorial with example code about how to implement the raymarching algorithm for rendering 3D scenes using GLSL shaders.


made by ben linsay, submitted by porterjamesj
A DNS over HTTPS client written in Go.

MAZE: Solving “the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle” with Python

made by porterjamesj, submitted by nicholasbs
Writing code to solve the puzzle from a classic children's book.

CARL (Code Augmented Reality Live)

made by catilac, charstiles, submitted by zachkrall
CARL stands for Code Augmented Reality Live. In an algorave (algorithmic rave), a programmer/performer codes a 3D environment on the fly using a raymarching algorithm in GLSL; that shader code is also executing and updating on everyone's phone in real time. Using phone orientation and audio input, CARL is a window into an immersive and evolving 3D algorithmic world that dances to the music. You can read more about CARL here: http://Charstiles.com/carl

Natural Language Processing: can a computer solve SAT analogy questions?

made by michelle, submitted by nicholasbs
An exploration of how to use natural language processing to answer SAT-style analogy questions.


made by osnr, submitted by davidbalbert
A live coding environment for making Game Boy games. Edits to the code are hot-swapped into the running game. Source: https://github.com/osnr/livegb

Perfect Pairs

made by Eliot Linton, submitted by dwinston
Searches two pools of synonyms for similar sounding word pairs. You can interactively pin one of the synonyms to find partner words that it sounds like. So fun!

Compiling at Compile Time

made by hellerve, submitted by nicholasbs
How to put a compiler inside of another compiler using macros and dynamic functions.