Using Python to Critique a Technothriller

made and submitted by brainwane
A cybersecurity expert in a scifi novel says it took two days to find a particular string within a list. This broke my suspension of disbelief, and I used Python to set up an experiment to test my intuition.


made by lamarqua, Annie ByReferenceNotByValue Cherkaev, submitted by vaibhavsagar
Write Haskell in French, Russian, or German!


made and submitted by jmorag
A simulation of the kakoune editor inside of the wonderful operating system that is emacs.


made by SimplyAhmazing, submitted by vaibhavsagar
An Arabic programming language with an IDE!


made and submitted by parker
cursewords is a crossword puzzle solving interface for the terminal.

Debugger from scratch

made and submitted by gargi
A very simple debugger which demonstrates the use of ptrace to set breakpoints and generate stack traces in a process being debugged. One can choose whether to set breakpoints, single step through the target process or continue to the next break point.

Unpacking Git packfiles

made by aditya, submitted by vaibhavsagar
The best explanation of Git's binary storage format I've found anywhere!

Bird Tinder

made by noahzgordon, submitted by davidbalbert
It's Tinder for birds. A faithful recreation of the real thing (including animations), but with one obvious difference. Written in Elm. Running version at

Rust + WebAssembly experiments in evolving art

made and submitted by bantic
A presentation detailing my trials and tribulations (there were many of both) while trying to use WebAssembly (via Rust) to generate images in the browser that, through a natural selection-like algorithm, "evolve" to look like a supplied target image.


made and submitted by maxverse
Octosay is a fun command line utility inspired by cowsay, where a friendly ASCII octopus talks to you.