made and submitted by noahlevenson
A zero-dependency STUN server for Node.js

Custom Game Engine

made and submitted by souren
A multiplayer, 2D, physics based game about temporary alliances. Game engine made from scratch for learning purposes. Written in C++ using the SFML framework.

Why sorbet is fast

made by nelhage, submitted by porterjamesj
A post explaining how Sorbet, a Ruby typechecker that Nelson worked on, achieves its high performance.


made by rweichler, submitted by porterjamesj
A system-wide audio EQ for jailbroken iOS devices.


made by josh-kean, submitted by porterjamesj
A Python implementation of BIP39, a system for generating mnemonic phrases for Bitcoin addresses.


made by Vitaly Pavlenko, submitted by porterjamesj
A Chrome extension for highlighting English syntax in web pages.

Emoji Haiku

made and submitted by fabian
Nonsense haiku poems generated using the official unicode emoji description text.

NeXTstep on the HP 712 Part 1: Installation

made by sophaskins, submitted by porterjamesj
Sophie's exploration of installing NeXTstep on an 80s workstation computer, part of her ongoing series about historical operating systems.

I Wrote a Faster Sorting Algorithm

made by Malte Skarupke, submitted by nicholasbs
An in-depth blog post about writing an optimized radix sort that's faster than C++'s std::sort for many inputs.

Building a browser

made by bern, submitted by Mai
An HTML/CSS rendering engine written in Go, because browsers are cool.