Open Splendor

made by BChizzle, submitted by porterjamesj
An open source implementation of the board game Splendor.

Alt React: An unframework for minimalists

made and submitted by bryanbraun
A background and technical overview of "Alt React," a ReactJS alternative for minimalists (or anyone experiencing JavaScript tooling fatigue).

RC Webring

made by jskjott, mfekadu, JonPizza, submitted by jskjott
A webring made to inspire Recursers to build an online home and share traffic among each other.


made by norax, submitted by davidbalbert
A tiny C compiler written in OCaml.


made and submitted by jessechen
Interactively deform tesselated stars. You can see the code at

Snake Neural Network

made by JonPizza, submitted by doron
Jon trained a computer to play snake for five hours so you don't have to.

Creating a magical wedding videobooth

made by porterjamesj, submitted by rachel
James and Rachel built an interactive video booth for their friends' wedding (and successfully deployed it during the cocktail hour)! Check out the code here:!/jemily-wedding-photobooth


made by ethanrodkin, submitted by porterjamesj
A tetris implementation in pure C, using the Allegro library for display.


made by maryrosecook, submitted by davidbalbert
A tiny JavaScript game engine.


made by lazerwalker, submitted by porterjamesj
A real-time chat app that only works if you're inside of an Applebee's restaurant.