made by tabbott, roberthoenig, punchagan, niftynei, brainwane, lazerwalker, arpith, submitted by porterjamesj
Zulip is powerful open-source chat software with a unique nested threading model that makes it really easy to catch up on conversations. We use it every day at RC!

Flappy Royale

made and submitted by lazerwalker
An open-source 100-player Flappy Bird battle royale, written in TypeScript!

Best Clock, Beef Clock

made by steve_shipman, submitted by davidbalbert
A clock that is never right, and unpredictable, but always looks plausibly correct.


made by dbalan, submitted by porterjamesj
A personal snippet manager written in Go.


made by Abehmiel, submitted by porterjamesj
A python program for generating images with text that can only be read when you hold them nearly edge on to your eye—like from cereal boxes!


made by lunacodes, submitted by Mai
A widget for Jewish halakhic times that pulls the user's location and outputs zemannim according to Sephardic tradition. It uses the SunCalc library to calculate the position and phase of the sun and moon.


made by zachallaun, davidbalbert, submitted by davidbalbert
An HTTPS reverse proxy that lets people pick custom subdomains for their websites and web apps.

Second Order Cellular Automata

made and submitted by jcmorrow
Cellular automata are always fun to play with. While elementary cellular automata alone are awesome, adding an additional order to them makes them even *cooler*!

Just One Boss

made by bridgs, submitted by davidbalbert
A Pico-8 game with beautiful animation.

A simple VN engine

made by crertel, annainbrooklyn, submitted by porterjamesj
A great explanation of building a visual novel engine in JavaScript!