Recursive Filesystem Entries

made by wesleyac, submitted by davidbalbert
Wesley put a 4GB file in a 232KB file system by making some clever modifications to the FAT.

Efficient Private Contact Search

made by gtank, filippo, submitted by wesleyac
An explanation of some of the difficulties in private information retrieval, along with an interesting scheme to make using bloom filters more tenable.

Using TLA+ to model cascading failures

made by bellmar, submitted by porterjamesj
This post shows that TLA+ can be used for things you might not expect, like modeling autoscaling and load balancing with off-the-shelf tools.


made by osnr, submitted by davidbalbert
The PDF specification includes a JavaScript interpreter, and Chrome's PDF reader implements some of its API. This PDF has a game of Breakout embedded inside it. The README describes the clever hacks used to make it work.

Image Processing 101

made by piratefsh, submitted by nicholasbs
A gentle introduction to the world of image processing, accessible to anyone who's familiar with Python.


made by miles, submitted by davidbalbert
A tiling window manager, written from scratch. Miles used it as his main window manager for a year after writing it.

Augmented reality NYC subway card and map

made by Tamrat, submitted by nicholasbs
A clever use of augmented reality to overlay the New York City subway map over a MetroCard.

Lispier Rust with Generics

made by nickdrozd, submitted by nicholasbs
A fun exploration of how to use generic types in Rust to write code that feels more Lisp-like.


made by charlesc, submitted by porterjamesj
A quirky, object-oriented standard library for OCaml.

Partition problem implementation + viz

made and submitted by Alec
Visualizing algorithms is the most fun way to teach, learn, and comprehend them! I had an actual use case for this at work, and it was gratifying to make a fun visual explanation for it.