Markov Keyboard Layout

made by shapr, submitted by strickinato
First, it's impressive software. Second, it takes advantage of emacs in an interesting way. Third, it's a zany idea well executed, and finally -- it's an interesting satirical takedown of hyper-optimization that I very much appreciate.

Fermat's Last Margin

made by shapr, submitted by nicholasbs
A tool for writing (as much as you want!) in the margin of research papers, and sharing those annotations via Git!

Sandwatch - do I have enough time to make a sandwich while this command runs?

made and submitted by shapr
I can easily find out how long it took to run a command, but I'd like to know how long a command might take this time so I can make a sandwich while it's running!

SMT Solvers, Integer Linear Programming

made by shapr, submitted by nicholasbs
Using an SMT solver and linear programming to play the game Endless Sky

Markov Keyboard!

made and submitted by shapr
My first Recurse Center project for Summer 1 2019 was a keyboard map that changes every time you press a letter, to move the most likely next letters to the home row.