Bio: I'm a software engineer hailing from Hershey, PA. I attended RC in summer 2013, then worked at Venmo through 2019. These days I'm self employed.


made and submitted by simon-weber
An open source email lottery, where a each week a randomly chosen subscriber gets to email all the other subscribers. Posts can be about anything; recent subject lines include "Hacking Hypertext", "The year of the tornado", and "human thoughts from a human being...maybe?"

Autoresponder for Google Hangouts

made by simon-weber, submitted by rachel
Set up an autoresponse for Hangouts while you're on vacation, or for accounts you don't use often.


made by simon-weber, submitted by nicholasbs
A simple, open source ad server for plugging your own projects.


made by simon-weber, submitted by rachel
Repominder is a Django project that reminds OSS maintainers when they've forgotten to cut a release.