Bio: Daniel Temkin is an artist and programmer; their work is at Daniel also writes, a blog covering esolangs and other work that challenges the norms of computing

Escher Circuits: Using Vision to Perform Computation

made by rottytooth, submitted by Mai
This blog post explicates a paper proposing a hypothetical, mind-bending concept: images that trick the eye into performing computation.

Coding in Indigenous African Languages

made by rottytooth, submitted by Mai
A profile of YorLang, a programming language that takes its syntax from JavaScript and its keywords and culture from Yoruba. The post has lots of interesting links to follow for further reading, and you can explore the YorLang docs here:

Folders: an esolang written in directory structures

made by rottytooth, submitted by Mai
Folders is a programming language that doesn't use any text; programs are encoded into a directory structure. All files within are ignored, as are the names of the folders. Commands and expressions are encoded by the pattern of folders within folders. Gave me a new perspective from which to think about form and content!