FOIA The Dead

made by parker, submitted by rachel
When someone's obituary appears in the New York Times, FOIA The Dead sends automated requests to the FBI for their records on the recently departed, and publishes the results. So far it has almost 4,000 pages of (sometimes-mundane, sometimes-fascinating) records on 55 people which probably wouldn't have been released otherwise.


made by Max Bittker, submitted by porterjamesj
This falling-sand game makes some beautiful emergent visualizations.

A tiny spreadsheet

made and submitted by davidbalbert
A simple spreadsheet that runs in the browser. It supports arithmetic formulas and cell references in under 600 lines of JavaScript and CSS.


made by Jake Davis, submitted by porterjamesj
Hide secret messages in pictures of cats


made by rodarmor, submitted by porterjamesj
A compiler from a subset of Python to WebAssembly


made by dan, shahn, submitted by porterjamesj
It was so fun watching this live at RC!

The Antiquated Omi

made and submitted by mouse
A novel in collaboration with Ernest Hemingway and the Wordnik API

Existential Quantification in Type Theory

made and submitted by dk
An outline of how to think about the existential quantifier as it is encoded in higher order type theory.

Margin Notes

made by geoffreylitt, submitted by porterjamesj
A tool for automatically generating documentation from the recorded behavior of a program.


made by maryrosecook, submitted by jollysonali
Gitlet is an implementation of Git in JavaScript. It's a wonderful example of building a project with the intention of learning.