Installing A/UX on the Quadra 610

made by sophaskins, submitted by nicholasbs
A detailed overview of installing A/UX, Apple's defunct Unix-based OS that could also run Mac apps, on a Quadra 610.

N-Body Simulations

made by adityavkk, submitted by vaibhavsagar
Performant n-body simulations with pretty diagrams!

Phil, a crossword maker

made by Raph, submitted by nicholasbs
My favorite thing about Phil is that incorporates both beautiful and novel ideas in its UI *and* its puzzle-solving engine.

Python 101

made and submitted by nmicht
This is a generation of slides to learn/study the basics of Python. NOTE: The content is in spanish! Made with <3 using reveal.js

FOIA The Dead

made by parker, submitted by rachel
When someone's obituary appears in the New York Times, FOIA The Dead sends automated requests to the FBI for their records on the recently departed, and publishes the results. So far it has almost 4,000 pages of (sometimes-mundane, sometimes-fascinating) records on 55 people which probably wouldn't have been released otherwise.


made by Max Bittker, submitted by porterjamesj
This falling-sand game makes some beautiful emergent visualizations.

A tiny spreadsheet

made and submitted by davidbalbert
A simple spreadsheet that runs in the browser. It supports arithmetic formulas and cell references in under 600 lines of JavaScript and CSS.


made by Jake Davis, submitted by porterjamesj
Hide secret messages in pictures of cats


made by rodarmor, submitted by porterjamesj
A compiler from a subset of Python to WebAssembly


made by dan, shahn, submitted by porterjamesj
It was so fun watching this live at RC!