Detecting beehive activity with computer vision

made by Kai Dalgleish, submitted by porterjamesj
I like it because it's surprising—seeing applications of technology like computer vision outside of what you would usually expect is pretty cool!


made by sleexyz, submitted by porterjamesj
The idea of live-coding music and visualizations is fascinating to me, and Hylogen is a great implementation of it!

made and submitted by natalie
a meditation on memory


made and submitted by tal
Working late on Excel and want a quick(ish) way to make sure you're still looking your best? Excelfie's got you covered.

Zig—a system programming language which prioritizes robustness, optimality, and clarity

made by andrewrk, submitted by hellerve
There are many factors that make Zig beautiful: its structure and ambition, its execution, and the way that the community is working together. I’m excited to see where this project is going!


made by joshuah, submitted by alicia
PANE is an innovative and beautiful way to visualize what's happening while you write code. I especially liked seeing the construction of fractals!

Relit: Typed Literal Macros for Reason

made and submitted by charlesc
Relit is the implementation of relatively recent research into typed literal macros: a generalization of custom literal syntax. (Any new literal type, i.e. regex literals or html literals, can be defined and exported by a library.)

Advent of Code 2018 day 3 solution in Julia

made and submitted by porterjamesj
This is my solution to day 3 of Advent of Code 2018 ( I was pretty excited about this code, because it maps very cleanly to how I thought about the problem in my head when I sat down to write it. I think it's a great illustration of how nice it can be to solve problems like this in languages with built-in support for multidimensional arrays!

Secrets of smooth Béziers revealed

made and submitted by Raph
An interactive visualization of the space of Euler spiral segments and their optimal conversion to cubic Béziers.


made by squidarth, submitted by alicia
This blog post really clearly explains a fun concept related to probability and expected value.