made by aruns, submitted by porterjamesj
A Witcher-themed rougelike game made in Java.


made by gabriellesc, submitted by davidbalbert
An in-browser IDE for the Piet programming language.

NES emulator in Common Lisp

made by sananthadoran, submitted by porterjamesj
A NES emulator implemented in less than 2000 lines of code.

Oil: Success With the Interactive Shell

made and submitted by andychu
OSH now runs enough completion plugins and interactive plugins that I use it myself. This dogfooding uncovered a ton of issues, many of which I already fixed. I'm confident this will lead to other people being able to use the shell :)

Addis Augmented

made by Tamrat, submitted by rachel
Addis Augmented explores and documents historical, architectural and urban artifacts in the city of Addis Ababa through augmented reality.

8 Bit Firmata

made and submitted by reconbot
In a bright corner of the internet people use MIDI to control robots. And until now we've all just kinda rolled with it. Some people have gone as far as figuring out how to efficiently pack float values into the strange 7 bit encoding that MIDI requires. However cool, I think we can do better. So lets dig in.


made by vipyne, submitted by porterjamesj
A CLI for creating "datamoshed" videos using compression artifacts.


made by brilee, submitted by davidbalbert
A minimal Go AI modeled on AlphaGo. It became the basis of Minigo (, which is maintained by the Tensorflow team.


made by jab, submitted by porterjamesj
Bidict not only provides high-performance, industrial-strength bidirectional mapping data structures for Python, but it includes a shocking amount of computing joy to boot. Take a closer look at bidict to illuminate some of Python's lesser-known and more under-appreciated darkest corners, and discover a few surprises along the way.

Palette Town

made by quelledanielle, submitted by davidbalbert
A GameBoy Color palette browser that uses your webcam.