made by andrewrk, submitted by vaibhavsagar
A communal music server, where guests can chat and upload music!

Dissecting Git's Guts

made by emilyxxie, submitted by vaibhavsagar
A principled and approachable explanation of how Git actually works.

Announcing GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub

made by cjb, submitted by vaibhavsagar
How would you go about building a decentralised GitHub?


made by shahn, submitted by gargi
This is a github-based game about Quines! Quines are programs that -- if you run them -- output a string that is equal to their source code.


made and submitted by aguestuser
Signalboost provides provides free, subscribable, encrypted mass text blasts over the Signal messaging service. It is being made for and in consultation with frontline activists to help them quickly and safely alert friends to mobilize in emergency situations. The stack is a fun mix of node services, dynamically-allocated docker containers, dbus interfaces, and calls to the signal-cli Java app.

Using Python to Critique a Technothriller

made and submitted by brainwane
A cybersecurity expert in a scifi novel says it took two days to find a particular string within a list. This broke my suspension of disbelief, and I used Python to set up an experiment to test my intuition.


made by Annie ByReferenceNotByValue Cherkaev, lamarqua, submitted by vaibhavsagar
Write Haskell in French, Russian, or German!


made and submitted by jmorag
A simulation of the kakoune editor inside of the wonderful operating system that is emacs.


made by SimplyAhmazing, submitted by vaibhavsagar
An Arabic programming language with an IDE!


made and submitted by parker
cursewords is a crossword puzzle solving interface for the terminal.