Reap.vim: Read, evaluate, and annotate code in vim

made by rodarmor, submitted by nicholasbs
Reap.vim hijacks the = operator to run Python 3 source code directly from vim buffers, annotating it with values and output.

Implementing Neural Style Transfer from Scratch using PyTorch

made by rileywong, submitted by nicholasbs
A beautiful collection of images generated using style transfer, along with code and instructions so you can try making more yourself.


made and submitted by gargi
strace from scratch written in Rust!


made by haroldtreen, submitted by vaibhavsagar
Turn any website into an ebook!

< Vertex Love :: Online Vertex Shader Editor >

made and submitted by pleek
Sculpt, warp, deform and color a cube of points into something completely different by coding the shader within the editor.

The algebra (and calculus!) of algebraic data types

made by joel, submitted by vaibhavsagar
A simple question with a profound answer: what can we do with the derivative of an algebraic data type?


made by andrewrk, submitted by vaibhavsagar
A communal music server, where guests can chat and upload music!

Dissecting Git's Guts

made by emilyxxie, submitted by vaibhavsagar
A principled and approachable explanation of how Git actually works.

Announcing GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub

made by cjb, submitted by vaibhavsagar
How would you go about building a decentralised GitHub?


made by shahn, submitted by gargi
This is a github-based game about Quines! Quines are programs that -- if you run them -- output a string that is equal to their source code.